Get involved in drought relief

first_imgYou can still #ActForChange by simply donating R5 or more at any Shoprite or Checkers till point. (Image: Shoprite)Various organisations have been making drought relief a priority in South Africa; Shoprite and Checkers are among them with their Act for Change initiative.Shoprite and Checkers customers have helped to raise R200 000 for drought-stricken communities across South Africa over two months since March 2016.The Shoprite Group has partnered with the Gift of the Givers Foundation as well as Agri SA, two organisations that have co-ordinated some of the strongest responses to the drought crisis to date. They ensure that the generous donations of many South Africans make a real, practical impact in the communities most affected by the drought.CUSTOMERS ASK TO HELPAct for Change is the result of customers enquiring how they can help with drought relief. The retailer quickly introduced a till-point donation facility called the #ActForChange Fund to give customers an opportunity to help.Customers can donate to the fund by adding R5 or more to their purchases at any Shoprite or Checkers till point across the country.“Each donation is critical, as it serves to bolster the work already being done to address the impact of the drought,” Neil Schreuder, Shoprite managing director told SA Goodnews. “We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers who donated. Each small donation goes a long way in effecting change.”The retail group has a long history of reaching out to communities affected by disaster. This year, it has already donated more than a half-a-million litres of water to various towns in Free State, North West and KwaZulu-Natal since February.You can still #ActForChange by simply donating R5 or more at any Shoprite or Checkers till point.The fund will not end when drought relief is no longer needed; instead, it will be used to support people going forward. It will specifically focus on alleviating hunger, in partnership with FoodBank South Africa.PLAY YOUR PARTAre you playing your part to help improve the lives of the people around you or the environment? Do you know of anyone who has gone out of their way to help improve South Africa and its people?If so, submit your story or video to our website and let us know what you are doing to improve the country for all.last_img read more

Want to Know Where Your Neighbors Are Spending Their Money? Bundle Will Tell You

first_imgfrederic lardinois Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Compare and ContrastIn addition to looking at a single neighborhood, Bundle also allows you to compare different cities and neighborhoods. Thanks to this, you can see that the average New Yorker spends $677 on dining out, while people in Portland, OR only spend $271. Because Bundle’s data comes mostly from credit card purchases through Citi, the company doesn’t currently have enough data to compare rents or mortgage payments in different areas. For some areas, Bundle also currently reverts to looking at county-wide data.Bundle plans to update its data on a quarterly basis and to bring in additional data as it grows. Besides the raw data, Bundle also offers commentary about financial issues and analysis of Bundle’s data through blog posts that are featured on most parts of the site. Looking AheadAs Bundle’s CEO Jaidev Shergill told us last week, the team also plans to allow users to enter their exact spending habits by either entering the data by hand or by giving users the option to upload credit card statements directly. This will make it even easier for users to compare their spending habits to those of their neighbors. Getting StartedTo get started, you just enter your location, age, income and whether you are married, single or have kids. Bundle will then create an infographic that represents the spending habits of similar households in your neighborhood. From there, you can drill down deeper into the statistics. At its most granular level, Bundle displays where people are spending their money. My neighbors, for example, buy their electronics at Best Buy, Apple and Fry’s. Related Posts Tags:#news#Product Reviews#web center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Do you want to know where your neighbors are spending their money? Or do you want to know if your spending pattern is in line with that of others in your age and income group in your neighborhood? Bundle, a new online service, can give you the answer to these questions. Thanks to a cooperation with Citi and other third-party data suppliers, Bundle is able to compile detailed statistics about how Americans are spending their money. While lots of banks also compile this data, Bundle is the first service to make this data easily accessible. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

The 5 Big Questions Dell Will Have To Answer To Survive

first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now IT + Project Management: A Love Affair markhachman Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Tags:#BYOD#cloud computing#dell#PCs#Server Virtualization#servers#Windows 8 center_img Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts On Tuesday, Dell faced Wall Street analysts for what could be the last time, as Michael Dell and a collection of investors prepare to take the company private. And though Dell Inc. reportedly exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, the results were disappointing overall. And in some ways, that’s a good thing.Dell revenues fell 11% to $14.3 billion. Profits were down, too: 31% to $534 million. Dell’s consumer business fell by a whopping 24% to $2.8 billion; The slogan “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” is now a distant memory.The earnings call is a unique event in American business; although chief executives occasionally deign to hear questions from business reporters, rarely do they sit down with their upper management and submit to questions about their past and future financial and operational performance. Calls following quarters in which a business dramatically exceeds expectations, taking a drink each time an analyst congratulates execs (“Great quarter, guys!”) will usually result in a long nap under one’s desk.After a lousy quarter, on the other hand, analysts feel unusually liberated to ask the pointed questions that should always be asked. And – hurray! – some of them did their jobs on Tuesday.Here are the five questions that Dell will need to answer going forward:1. Does Dell Belong In The PC Market?In many ways, this is the same question that Hewlett-Packard faced in the wake of Leo Apotheker’s decision to shop the PC business, Meg Whitman’s decision to retain it, and then the ultimate reorganization into a combined printer/PC business. With very little room for adding value besides bundling a printer with a PC, adding the crapware software that users hate, and striking out into relatively untested waters such as ultraportables and tablets, the answer seems to be: “Yes, but barely.”Dell’s strengths are its XPS tier and its Latitude line of business PCs. But as Dell chief financial officer Brian Gladden noted, the growth continues to be in tablets and in the low-value desktop and notebook space – both areas where Dell, seeking higher profits, has consciously avoided.2. Is There An Opportunity To Refresh Older Corporate PCs?Yes, definitely. And that’s the primary reason Dell won’t bail out of the PC market any time soon – it has established longstanding ties with corporate America. This was one of the most telling quotes of the call:“I think that’s really tough to get at, but the data that we’ve seen would suggest there’s still somewhere in the range of 40% of the corporate installed base for PCs that is XP or Vista that needs to be upgraded,” Gladden said. “So that’s, I think, pretty consistent with the data that we see for our installed base, and for what we hear from our corporate customers.”Corporate IT departments rarely, if ever, update a PC operating system without refreshing the hardware, too. Microsoft may have to worry about corporate customers turning to Windows 7 rather than 8, but Dell doesn’t care either way. And with support ending for Windows XP in April 2014, Dell knows there’s a windfall ahead.“All the data that we’ve seen, all the conversations we’ve had with customers, would lead us to believe that there’s still a significant refresh activity that has to happen in the next 12-14 months,” Gladden said.3. Is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) The Answer?Yes. Or it was in December, when Michael Dell said exactly that. “And in the customer conversations that we’ve been having, the interest in Windows 8 is quite high, even with commercial customers, who would normally wait a few releases to adopt the new versions,” Dell said. “What we’re seeing here is really an immediate need, because CIOs are worried about the ramifications of a BYOD world. With Windows 8 products… we’re pleased with the incredible experience that they expect, while you get the security and versatility and reliability that your enterprise really requires.”Since then, Microsoft has reported terrific Windows 8 numbers, although there has been some suspicion that the company hid behind previouslysold Windows 8 licenses. Still, Dell and the rest of the PC industry will certainly help try and make Windows 8 a success. Ultimately, however, Michael Dell has bet his farm on Windows, while other hardware makers, like Samsung, have diversified into Android and phones. Time will tell who made the right choice.4.) Will Server Customers Keep Buying From Dell, Or Roll Their Own?If you’re not following the datacenter market that runs the cloud services we use and love, you’re may be unaware that Facebook has pioneered an industry-wide program called Open Compute, which publishes detailed specifications on building your own servers via components from no-name manufacturers. Facebook recently said that a major European datacenter would be constructed entirely from these “white box” servers, and companies like Rackspace have also signed on.Revenue-wise, Dell’s Server and Networking Business unit grew 11% in the last quarter, to $9.3 billion. But ISI Group‘s Brian Marshall asked one of the key questions: given the Open Compute model, will the trend continue? Gladden waved off the question.“It is relatively isolated to a few number of large-scale customers who can make the economics work, and given that, we’re still seeing strong growth in that business, and significant opportunities to continue to grow the hyperscale business,” Gladden said. “So I don’t think it’s a new dynamic.”Gladden’s right; most companies are not going to exert the time and effort to design their own servers, Open Compute or no. But over time, this may eat into the server businesses of Dell and others.5.) What Effects Will Virtualization, Consolidation and the Cloud Have On Servers?Virtualization, where a number of “virtual servers” can share computing resources, helps effectively consume underutilized servers, especially older hardware. Some of the older hardware can be retired, as data centers “consolidate” their hardware and run virtual machines on top of them to maximize their use. At the same time, as more cloud services are deployed, the number of servers they require goes up. Unfortunately, analysts have reported that the number of servers sold has flattened – the trends of consolidation and virtualization are holding down sales, and revenues are actually decreasing.For a long time, notebooks became the escape route out of the quicksand of commoditization that has dragged the industry down. Then servers were the answer. Now, they’re apparently sinking into the mud, too.Dell may in fact continue to provide updates to Wall Street as it goes private; it hinted as much when it talked about a fiscal first-quarter earnings release. But as the company moves into the financial shadows, away from public scrutiny, it did not provide any guidance for the future. One can wonder whether its outlook is equally cloudy.last_img read more

Learn How to Create a Timeless Look with a White Cyclorama

first_imgLighting a white cyclorama? These tips will help you get the classic look you’re going for in your next film or video projectOne of the most common tasks in video production is lighting a white cyclorama (or “cyc”) — a white backdrop. This timeless look can be difficult to master; however, with a few techniques, you can get the results you need.Let’s take a look.Distance Your SourcesThe first few times I tried lighting a white cyc, I was under the impression that you wanted to take your brightest sources and get them as close as possible to the white backdrop — to essentially blow it out — making it true white. However, I quickly realized that for a better-looking white background, a softer, more evenly cast light looks much better on camera, and you can do this by distancing the light from the backdrop. This approach will give your light a more even and appealing look. Essentially, just walk your light back for a more uniform spread, which will maintain a consistent exposure as the talent moves throughout the scene. Cover image via Marko Poplasen.Looking for more video production tips and tricks? Check out these articles.Stabilizing Your Camera Movement: Gimbals vs. SteadicamsProduction Tips: Working With a Color Checker on Your Next ShootAdd Flavor to Your Footage by Implementing Color ScienceFilmmaking Fads and Trends: Don’t Let Them Bother YouQuick and Easy Compositing Tips for Adobe Premiere Pro Don’t Forget ContrastWhen you’re lighting a white cyc wall, it can very easily turn into a flat image without any contrast. Our first instinct is to usually blast all the light we have onto the stage to see where it puts us. However, by adding contrast back into the image through lighting, you can help lift the scene.One production that did this well was the series of Heineken commercials with Neil Patrick Harris. Although the background is purely white and evenly exposed, the filmmakers still managed to create a nice degree of lighting contrast. All you need to pull this off is some negative fill. Always Use Soft SourcesSoft sources and lighting a white cyc go hand and hand. Shadows can be one of the biggest threats to lighting your white cyc. Shadows can quickly interrupt the infinite feeling and draw attention to the ground — or the background if the shadows appear on the walls. One way to avoid this is to incorporate very soft light sources with diffusion materials. When shooting on a white cyc, you’ll very rarely use raw sources of light.There are many ways you can create a soft source of light — no matter your budget. Whether that means using a soft box, a shower curtain, or even an 8×8 full grid butterfly, there are plenty of options out there to help you create a large soft source on any budget. ExperimentOverall, lighting a white cyc wall or backdrop is an exciting and fun part of the filmmaking process. Through trial and error, you can find the perfect way to create the best lighting for your next production. Then, by incorporating shape and contrast, you can take your project to the next level.last_img read more

People excluded from NRC to get certified copies soon

first_imgGuwahati: People excluded from the final NRC will get certified copies, regarding rejection of their names, at the earliest so that they can file their appeals, the office of the NRC state coordinator announced on Tuesday.The dates regarding distribution of exclusion certificates will be announced soon, NRC State Coordinator’s office tweeted. The process of collection of exclusion certificates from the NRC Seva Kendras are on, the notice added. The final NRC published on August 31 consisted only of Supplementary Lists and “queries are being received from the public about publication of all members of a family irrespective of their involvement in the claims and objections process” the tweet said. The final NRC was released with 19,06,657 of the total 3,30,27,661 applicants excluded and 3,11,22,004 included.last_img read more

Oscar De La Hoya Helps Honor Teachers At Sixth Annual Golden Dot

first_imgBoxing legend, Olympic Gold Medalist and 10-time world champion in six different weight classes Oscar De La Hoya gave the keynote Green Dot Public School’s Sixth Annual Golden Dot Awards on Saturday, May 5 at the California Science Center in recognition of the organization’s most outstanding teachers and staff from the last year.The Golden Dot Awards represent Green Dot’s annual teacher and staff appreciation event recognizing Principal of the Year; Teacher of the Year; Rising Star Teacher of the Year. Green Dot teachers, staff and administrators serve more than 15,000 students across the country each year.De La Hoya has been involved with Green Dot’s commitment to excellence in public school education since 2003 when the Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School opened in Boyle Heights. The school bearing the boxing legend’s name was among the first five charter schools Green Dot opened with the goal to provide enhanced learning opportunities for young people in disadvantaged communities.The Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School was the first public high school to be built in Boyle Heights in 80 years. Today, the Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School is one of the top performing high schools in the country, thanks to the dedication of Green Dot’s excellent teachers, administrators and staff.“I’ve witnessed firsthand the difference Green Dot educators make through their devoted commitment to our students at the Oscar De La Hoya Animo Charter High School, not far from the neighborhood where I grew up,” De La Hoya remarked at Saturday’s event. “The level of dedication that Green Dot teachers, administrators and staff bring to their schools every day is truly inspiring. I’m in awe of the work they do and so thankful they are guiding the leaders of tomorrow and showing them what it looks like to work hard and succeed.”Green Dot Public Schools’ Golden Dot Awards recognizes educators and staff who are transforming the landscape of public education. Golden Dot Awards (aka “The Dotties”) are given to staff who exemplify Green Dot’s Core Values. As a result of the dedicated work of the entire team and their commitment to excellence in education, Green Dot graduated more than 1,600 students last year, the most of any charter management organization in the country, for the fourth year in a row.For more information, click here.last_img read more

Protestors clash with Harpers security and police in Winnipeg

first_imgAPTN National NewsPrime Minister Stephen Harper went to Winnipeg to participate in a round-table discussion on cyberbullying last week.But some claimed the worst bullying was going on at a Winnipeg hotel.Protesters inside the building, where Harper was supposed to meet with families, were pushed out by security and police.APTN’s Matt Thordarson has the [email protected]: @MattThorlast_img

SD County votes to layoff 38 fulltime Animal Services employees

first_img Posted: April 24, 2018 April 24, 2018 SD County votes to layoff 38 full-time Animal Services employees SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to move forward with laying off 38 full-time Animal Services employees as part of a plan to shrink the department.The workers will be laid off on July 2 following the board’s decision in March 2017 to end the Animal Services contracts with the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, San Diego, Santee and Solana Beach. Fewer workers will be needed beginning in July when the department transitions to being responsible for shelters and enforcement services only in unincorporated communities, county officials said.The board voted unanimously — minus Supervisor Ron Roberts, who was absent — to approve a plan to eliminate 68 positions in the Animal Services Department.Thirty-eight of those positions are currently held by full-time county employees and include the assistant director and two deputy directors. The remaining jobs are either vacant or held by temporary employees, according to a staff report.The supervisors did not discuss the department shrinking, which has drawn ire from San Diego City Council members.The county’s plan hinged on private entities stepping in to perform animal control duties in cities like San Diego. Only one submitted a proposal: the San Diego Humane Society.The City Council’s Budget and Government Efficiency Committee last week advanced a proposal to have the society provide animal services within city limits.“The county is really disappointing us all — after 45 years just getting out of the business. We’re doing our best to pick up really big pieces here,” Councilman Chris Ward said.The county Human Resources Department will provide assistance and “transition services” to the laid-off employees.Meantime, the Humane Society recently posted 200 jobs in anticipation of contracting with the city of San Diego. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more