Game Boy Advance SP hacked into a Quakeplaying portable PC

first_imgThere were plenty of good games you could play on the Game Boy Advance SP. Quake 3 Arena obviously wasn’t one of them, but now it is. Provided you do a little bit of hardware modding first, that is. Make that a complete gut. Scrape out all the dated Nintendo bits, cram in an ARM dev board, a Teensy, a new screen, and a larger display, and you’ve got yourself a full-blown portable Linux emulation box.Despite being billed as a Raspberry Pi in the creator’s video and pictured next to a big ol’ Raspberry Pi sticker, the system was actually built around a $30 Hardkernel Odroid W. The company bills it as their version of a scaled-down Pi (complete with Pi-compatible GPIO and camera header) with additional built-in functionality. It’s powered by an ARM11 Broadcom processor clocked at 700Mhz with 512MB of RAM, and it measures just 60 x 36 mm and weighs only 8 grams.Its diminutive size left creator Johnny Parks plenty of room to cram in a bunch of additional hardware, including a 4-port USB hub (two external, for mouse and keyboard connections, and two internal). Here’s a look at his build, laid out in pieces prior to assembly:And here’s a look at the build in progress. He clearly spent a lot of time scraping contact points and soldering wires:With a bit of epoxy and hot glue to finish it all off, the result is an amazing hand-made, pocketable Game Boy PC. Johnny’s been kind enough to share the full details of his Game Boy Advance SP mod over on his personal site, so if you want to build one of your own all you need to do is order up the parts, take a deep breath, and start following along!last_img read more