Cities smart to grow together

first_imgKristin Tufte thinks the journey toward smart cities can be simplified into three words: People, intention and coordination.“It’s data and technology and service of people,” said Tufte, Smart Cities Liaison for Portland State University. “Is the pedestrian on the street safer because of our work? Does the woman taking the bus to work know it will get her to work on time so she can relax on the bus?”Tufte was one of three speakers Wednesday at Regional Transportation Council’s Smart Cities Workshop, which focused not only on smart cities but some regional opportunities.The general aim in being a smart city is to use information technology to not only increase efficiency and improve government but to better share information with the public while improving their lives.Connecting communitiesJesse Berst, chair of the Smart Cities Council, said the only way cities can move forward is to communicate with each other and share data.“Many American communities are falling behind in this race,” Berst said. “It’s a race for the connected lifestyle but also for a better government. If you believe in accountability, in transparency, we have the tools now.”last_img read more