This iPhone X clone runs Android and costs under Rs 20,000

first_imgThe iPhone X at $999 is Apple’s most expensive phone to date and a device that is restricted to the absolute premium smartphone consumers. So, how about an iPhone X lookalike that not only imitates its bezel-less design right down to the notch, but also runs on Android and costs under $300. That’s what Chinese smartphone maker Leagoo is offering with the S9.Leagoo is a company that manufactures phones that often look similar to flagships of other brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple. Take the Leagoo MIX, for example, which a pretty blatant ripoff of the Mi Mix or the S8 which was an evident copy of Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The company’s latest Leagoo S9 smartphone looks wholly inspired by Apple’s iPhone X. Apart from the minimal bezels, the S9 also comes with the notch cutout that the X has been infamous (and now iconic) for as well as a vertical rear camera setup on the top left corner on the back.No only does the Leagoo S9 try to take on Apple, but its name also tries to beat Samsung to the punch as the latter still has a few months to go before it comes out with the Galaxy S9. Leagoo says that the S9 costs just a fraction of the iPhone X’s price, coming in at under $300 (approx Rs 19,300). Of course, at this price, one shouldn’t expect hardware anywhere close to what’s inside the iPhone X.The Leagoo S9 sports a 5.85-inch AMOLED display and is powered by a MediaTek P40 processor coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of inbuilt storage. The iPhone X-like vertical rear cameras comprise of a pair of 16-megapixel sensors. Alos, if you hated Apple for removing the Touch ID from the iPhone X, the Leagoo S9 keeps a fingerprint sensor on the back, which is perhaps one of the few noticeable differences between the two. But the fingerprint sensor was expected, I suppose since Leagoo definitely could not imitate the iPhone X’s Face ID technology, which makes you wonder why it thought keeping the notch would be a good idea.advertisementAs of now, that’s all the details we know about the S9 courtesy Mac Rumours who received the images from the company. Leagoo is yet to make the phone official, but when it does consumers who have been wishing to get their hands on the iPhone X can perhaps find some peace with this cheap clone, that also happens to run on Android.last_img read more