323 quadrillion shots have been fired in Call of Duty games

first_imgLater this year the Call of Duty series of games will be celebrating their 10th anniversary. The first game was released for PC back on October 29, 2003, and since then has seen outings across just about every available gaming platform on the market. It goes without saying that Call of Duty is popular, but just how popular has only now become apparent.Activision has released the infographic, which you can view below (click to view it full size), detailing some of the largest stats the series boasts. For example, 100 million people have played one of the Call of Duty titles. To put that into context, the population of Germany is only 80.4 million. Call of Duty also has France, Italy, and the UK populations beat.Every gaming session with Call of Duty loaded sees thousands of bullets fired, and somehow Activision has managed to count them all. I don’t know how they did this, especially as stat tracking wasn’t something that was being carried out in the cloud a decade ago, so there is probably some guess work involved here. But apparently 32.3 quadrillion shots have been fired. That’s 32,300,000,000,000,000 in long form. It also took 25 billion hours of play time to fire them all, which is longer than humans have actually existed.Call of Duty isn’t losing any of its popularity just yet, and new games in the series should keep selling in their millions for years to come. With that being the case these stats could be doubled or even tripled before we’ve all had enough of playing the games and moved on to the next big FPS franchise.Now read: Black Ops II designer receives death threats for altering weapon firing rateslast_img read more