Apples iPhone 5 production roadmap not with manufacturers yet

first_imgThere is a lot of speculation at the moment as to whether Apple intends to launch the iPhone 5 in its usual June-July time frame. As time passes by the evidence mounts towards that launch just not happening.A white iPhone 4 is still planned according to Phil Schiller, Verizon only just got the iPhone 4, there’s rumors Apple is targeting a September launch, and Toshiba’s 64GB SmartNAND chips won’t be ready until August, although Apple could get them early (a 64GB iPhone 5 is desirable for both Apple (higher price and profit margin) and consumers (more content on the go)).AdChoices广告Now we have more evidence coming from Taiwan touch panel manufacturers in the form of two key pieces of information. The first is that none of them have yet received production roadmaps for the iPhone 5. The second is that shipments of iPhone 4 touch panels are not changing, meaning Apple is not planning to cut production in time for a new phone anytime soon.We have to consider that manufacturers expect production schedules and roadmaps well in advance of when shipments are required. It’s now mid-April, meaning even a July launch is only 10-12 weeks away. With a new product that timescale has to go up so as to allow time for test components to be made and vetted by Apple. After all, Apple don’t settle for anything that isn’t as close to perfect as possible in any of its devices.Either Apple still has time to get the required information to manufacturers for a July launch, or we really aren’t going to see an iPhone 5 this summer. With Phil Schiller insisting the white iPhone 4 will appear, could that in fact be what Apple talks about in June, possibly with some other minor feature updates to the smartphone?Read more at DigiTimeslast_img read more