November 2017

Jire harbor Shanghai dragon case analysis 123

can be seen from the figure in the unusually hot keyword here only put the main keywords, but are some index, high flow rate and the number of words, only 6 words, it can be seen from here, the main keyword page of our website keyword only can put the site, and is a little competitive point. Key words should not be too much, and now many webmaster think have put a lot of keyword ranking, website weight not more keywords dispersed less.

from the description above we can conclude that the website or by television, but this is the first time to update every day a certain allure for users. So when we write a description, not only to focus the content of our website, but also from the user’s point of view to understand the user’s psychology. read more

About three points of key competitive strength

but this way is very good to see strong competition, the competition strength of the word, how much power, that strength is more high, the difficulty is not good to do.

bidding, direct response of the word competition is, in the love of Shanghai, the auction is rich of the games, we still far away, some time later demand also try, now the auction, some in front row over 10 positions, for example, l carnitine, but ah, the scenery, and now, that the hospital bidding will be more crazy, when another holiday, the crabs, was very high, the price is your signature for me to, did not fall red dust, the play is money, why. read more