September 2017

Optimizing the website title keyword ranking promotion

here is a miracle of love now Shanghai fitness website included snapshot screenshots, we first collected under the title and description of the influence of the website. The snapshot website title and description in the end of May are not complete, all the time without any web site keywords ranking, included only included a home page, but on the website changed a little technology after the snapshot becomes the next day included as shown below, and included variable more than 500, all the words are ranked in the love of Shanghai home, in addition to the "miracle fitness". This website title and description of the keywords ranking, included in the site are a great relationship. read more

How to locate the medical industry site keywords in 2012

< 2> how to give new home location: new core keywords and target keywords for the industry, to do their own keywords ranking is very helpful.

the name of the hospital treatment of psoriasis, psoriasis psoriasis Hospital Medicine > _ Ji’nan _ Qingdao Weifang Zibo Yantai _ _ _ _ best


for example, psoriasis hospital, in order to do hot words:

< 1> home page target keywords: location for the new station, core keywords and target keywords positioning station is many people are very difficult to choose things, choose the core keywords and target keywords for the industry, to do their own keywords ranking is very helpful. So, everyone in the selection of target words of their own, must be cautious. read more

Noble baby tomorrow update search algorithm this will be the end of many websites

marketing company SOMO released last week found that some of the big names, such as the daily mail, Ruian airlines and other sites are possible before Tuesday in the rankings, there was a corresponding decline, unless they updated their website before Tuesday.

noble baby tomorrow update search algorithm, this will be the end of many sites

Google search has stressed the importance of the related content, but the user experience is also very important, if the user search information in the mobile terminal, found that the readability of the site is not strong or useless, then this is a serious impact on the user experience. read more

Optimization suggestions about the local portal

2.3, the early single recorded words long tail keywords record and the URL, in the late development process.

3.1, as far as possible order, the tree. The home page, list 1, list 2, the specific content of the page.

Such as:

4.3, primary and secondary navigation, it will be the key words competition column page or list page of a strong.

key words: looking for a job The structure of

2.1, website planning, according to the keywords can be divided into, heat, and partial. "Heat", such as: "Zhenjiang forum" to "Zhenjiang". read more

Love of Shanghai keywords ranking floating principle

, it can be seen that the float is not very large, usually on Thursday and Friday there will be a small floating, a month will adjust the stability of the rankings, so Shanghai Longfeng optimization about a month to see a little effect, but not obvious. Please continue to work hard every day and attention home page ranking optimization, floating, why there will be a new website to enter the home page, their ranking is >

search engine, in simple terms, is to solve some of the problems encountered in daily life. Why is the Shanghai dragon? This is the indirect service for people, only Shanghai dragon service, is using search engine to help people, often not people of Shanghai Longfeng solve people’s problems lies in the search engine will help you to push. Why search engine to help Shanghai dragon ranking? Because the updating of the knowledge, people need to update their thinking, so the search engine needs to be updated, understand! Use each other, just be Shanghai dragon point only. read more

The judgment of five high standard weight links


2, periodic

chain high weight judgment standard The The correlation

also includes some other platform. Is not to say. For example: site automation propaganda tools, mass forum and blog.

Q & a platform

first one: we have to know the high quality of the chain the platform.


Q & a platform there are some questions in the question and answer demand industry to do the most valuable, of course is urgent form such as degree, but also know some questions of many industries can also go to do synchronization. read more

To win is really recommend building key chain is not equal to the website promotion

excessive exchange links "is not recommended, meaning" effective link is to win really recommend links — only this link is really valuable links.

Recommended for

if an academic Citation Index another academic papers, then the author cited the "repayment requirements index", I believe we are unable to accept such a request, with the commercial value of the Internet.

love Shanghai, you can find recommended

until November 1st, large-scale exchange links are still very active read more

The contrast between product placement and search engine advertisingshlf1314 AdSense pictures advert

and search engine advertising is the use of search engines, categories, directories and other online search information functions of network tools for website promotion. As the basic form of the search engine can be divided into network spider type search engine the search engine and artificial classification directory based search engine the catalogue, so the search engine promotion in the form of a corresponding method based on search engine and method based on category, the former includes search engine optimization, keyword advertising, PPC, fixed position, based on content targeted advertising and other forms, while the latter is mainly to log on the website in the category right categories. With the further development of search engines, there are other forms of search engines, but most of them are based on these two forms. Search engine promotion methods, relatively simple form of expression, that is, through key vocabulary search to attract clicks, at this point, the emerging implantable Internet advertising has many advantages. read more

There are two examples to explain why the website snapshot

Effect of

this is really very terrible, but the website causes two snapshots of the 404 main page is set properly, because before I never set up 404 pages, but also because the space often attacked, so I always change to IP, that was the web site is a snapshot, and now replaced the natural space, 404 wrong turn again set, but the setting is to jump directly to the home page, it will be very easy to let the search engine think you do optimization in deliberately, and in general, the 404 jump directly to the page on the home page is not friendly, the search engine so the author suggests that the webmaster in 404 when the page is best for 5 seconds or more, let users and spiders have a buffer of time, while 404 of the correct settings on the site snapshot absolute effect. read more

Powerful links and buttons in the default style design

the default style, is the most original style. As we often use buttons or blue underlined hyperlinks. In this paper, m stalkers from two elements to discuss the application of the default style in the design of the.

now, our task becomes, how to make the next three links, make people think this is a click the hyperlink. At this time, we need to combine the specific context. Please look at the picture below, I have put these three links into the article:

The default style

would you please tell me which which one is you can click the hyperlink? Obviously, the first link is the default style, the blue underlined style has been popular, any regular Internet friends, see this and know that it is a hyperlink click. But there is a very obvious problem, this blue underlined style is really ugly. And my design style is not similar. So, we may consider the following three. read more