June 2017

The fashion feast of a spectacle a case study of glasses chain brand planning and investment

strong brand influence to protect the number of customers, other people greatly refined, good cultural background to retro feel. Here’s a look at the franchise information.

1859, the chain business model was born, first proposed by two Jewish students from Harvard University in the United States, its essence is the geometric multiplication theory principle, was widely used in the field of commodity sales. Western countries call it the "bright spot", which means that no matter where the model is located, where it can quickly become rich. From 80s, the rapid development of global chain operations, the United States almost every 6.5 minutes there is a chain store opened. This model was officially introduced into the Chinese market in 1998, causing a chain of investment boom! read more

Top ten brands of electric vehicles

in a variety of means of transport, electric vehicles because of green pollution-free, fast and convenient to become a lot of people’s choice. Because of this, the number of brands on the market, forming a large number of large brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of electric cars, so as to give people a choice to do a reference.

electric car ten brands list first: Emma electric car

is well known, Emma since its inception in 1999, has always been committed to sports bicycles, energy saving electric vehicles, environmental protection and other electric tricycle, intelligent low-carbon travel research and development and professional manufacturing. Enterprises based in Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places to actively promote the localization of production, through the scientific national strategic layout to meet the actual needs of the market. Emma is based on the high quality of the electric and 5S customer service service to win the praise of consumers, has won three China brand influence index ranking first, China customer satisfaction CCSI all star honors. read more

The role of entrepreneurship and employment to change

entrepreneurship, not just rely on a year just want to be able to succeed. Many entrepreneurs have always used the employment mentality to entrepreneurship, only on impulse and momentum in the young things, no planning, no cost, the accumulation and development of consciousness, even no idea.

1, the lack of long-term goals and thinking highly of read more

What is the most profitable industry industry recommended a lot now

if you want to make money, you need to know more about the market, pay attention to the industry to make money. So, what is the most profitable industry now? Which industries are suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to invest? Xiaobian recommended for everyone this lucrative industry, the hope can help you realize the dream of wealth as soon as possible.

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Open jewelry store product display great knowledge

with the people’s consumption capacity is gradually increasing, had been as luxury product sales is now very good, jewelry is a jewelry store, the product placement is very luxurious, there are a lot of knowledge. So in order to help open the jewelry store or jewelry industry entrepreneurs who better shop, Xiaobian to tell you about the jewelry store product placement skills.

jewelry agent

the display and display of the theme of the jewelry store is to promote the unique design concept and the embodiment of consumer psychology. In the process of operation, you can use a combination of key display method. In the embodiment of the form is also taken together with key display method, and display using shopfront stores. read more

How does the jeans shop sell the best jeans

many young people like to wear jeans. The choice of the consumer determines what kind of jeans jeans should be wholesale. A lot of jeans, said the owner of the business is not good, because the store’s address is not good, in fact, the shop address is not bad bad business is not the root cause. The fundamental reason is that the quality of your product is able to allow consumers to trust.
, make jeans more soft, more fitting skin and body, in order to show the figure and curve; read more

What are the errors in the management of children’s paradise

is now a lot of operators may be because of the psychological parents do not understand, perhaps because of the lack of experience in the operation of the above, resulting in easy to fall into some of the errors, for the long-term management of the store adverse. In fact, many operators have just started the management of children’s playground, often encounter this or that problem, can not solve the impact of children’s paradise revenue. In fact, only to find a business problem, suit the remedy to the case, in order to solve the crisis. The following small series with a number of children’s paradise franchise successful experience for your simple analysis: Children’s paradise in the business should avoid the four major errors, to teach you out of the misunderstanding, to success! read more

How to break Taobao shop sales

no matter how good the product description, the shop’s pages do beautiful, but if the store has not been sold, because it is a virtual platform, will not be able to obtain the trust of consumers. In short, there is a different place to Taobao and other platforms that can see monthly sales data for each product, the data to derive a lot of third black industry, this is the basis of sales industry, referred to as a single brush.

no one is willing to do the first person to eat crabs, you have no basis for sales is no one dares to buy, this is no problem, if you see no sales of the products will not buy TA heart, the same reason. So, the basic sales must be broken, but also broken to a certain number, two goals: one is the basis of product sales go up, the weight of single product increase, the search ranking will be in front, even if a sales than zero by many. Two is the credibility of the shop as soon as possible, but somehow have a heart it, bare nothing, where to buy the user. read more

White collar job hopping will continue to rise in the interpretation of white collar job hopping wil

is the two sessions held in the near future, but also the peak of employment, the number of job seekers is very much, but according to statistics, job hopping will continue to rise, leading to such a situation specific reasons? Here’s a detailed analysis!

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