May 2017

Where is suitable for sushi restaurant

people are now more and more love sushi cuisine, which allows investors to find a way to make money, that is to meet the market demand to open a sushi shop to make money. So where do you want to open a sushi restaurant? Understand this problem in order to gradually complete the work of the sushi shop. Here recommend a few good places, investors may wish to take a look at.

where open for sushi? The area with high population density is a prime spot for the sushi restaurant. The service object of the sushi shop is a person, someone patronize, sushi shop can survive, can gain. read more

Three main points of the operation of cooked food franchise to remember

cooked Lo is very distinctive, chowhound who most loves, a lot of Lo Deli business is good. So many young people playing the idea of opening a cooked food store. So, for the novice, how to run a cooked food franchise? Follow the small series together to understand what the operating skills of it!

There are a lot of

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Teach you to open a chain of hot money to join the chain

believe that we all like to eat hot and spicy, so the business is generally not spicy hot shop, especially in the winter, it is hot and spicy shop forget. Hot and spicy to join the chain, although small, want to make money also need the efforts of investors. How to open a hot money to join the chain? Give investors some location details!

Malatang chain store is not, on the location of the requirements is not high, basically crowded places to shop. How to join the chain to make money? Crowded places should pay attention to convenient transportation, so that the convenience of the public, you can attract more good business, money is not a troublesome thing. read more

Take the five step is very easy to start a successful business

want to achieve the dream of life, you have to be good at seizing every possible opportunity to bring you success. Entrepreneurship, a sound is very far away, but always in the word. It is said that one out of every five people you know is starting a business. They wander, lonely, but insist. It’s a long way to go, but it’s worth it.

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Popular in the era of individual outlandish costume shop

Before the

society, a village of people wearing the same dress is a very common thing, leaders from the president, to small members, can wear a tunic, but now the era of rapid development, people’s income increases, so the personality can be fully developed, been very outlandish costume shop welcome.

"Kazakhstan" and "Hari" one of the growing business opportunities for "outlandish Costume" stores, but must meet customer demand, can be successful. In addition, the choice of shops selling cheap commercial city as a pavement can save costs. 20 year old Ms. Lei a year ago only invested 20 thousand yuan, in the CTS mall two floor underground opened in the city of Guangzhou is one of the few "outlandish costume shop". Owing to the new innovative sales style, each item only into one, no copy, attracted a lot of urban boys and girls of the eyeball, the average monthly income in 2300 yuan above. read more

Three initiatives to develop new energy vehicles in Fujian

with the rapid development of economy, people’s consumption level has been gradually improved, in the life of a lot of families or individuals have their own cars. But when the car is running, the consumption of natural resources is also a matter of concern to us. It will not only waste a great deal of natural resources, but also cause great damage to the environment. In view of such a situation, the development of new energy vehicles is imperative. So, the development of new energy vehicles in Fujian, the three initiatives? read more

Specialty franchise stores operating recommendations

specialty for consumers is a comparison of the temptation of the word, the masses around the quality of special products or have a high consumption enthusiasm, if you want to open a specialty store franchise, then how to improve profitability? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. Xiaobian finishing some suggestions, hoping to bring more help for you.

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