April 2017

A good team indispensable five kinds of people

said the team is strong, entrepreneurship needs more support team. A good team is more likely to succeed, then there are excellent team who, there are five types of people essential. Take a look at the outstanding entrepreneurial team is essential for the five categories of people.

1,   a versatile designer who knows how to appreciate beauty

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2015 entrepreneurial community assembly brings together more than 2000 entrepreneurs


IT field has been innovative rapid development for management activities under IT practitioners actively explore business opportunities. The day before, a cloud computing business community conference held in Beijing, on who is cloud computing venture horse".

2015 in December 9th, more than 2000 entrepreneurs gathered at the Beijing International Conference Center to participate in the venture capital community organized by the entrepreneurial dark horse conference". In today’s public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation in the social environment, entrepreneurs distribution and distribution of mining industry opportunities, in the form of innovation to meet the needs of users of multi-dimensional. read more

Baise women’s Federation of women’s entrepreneurship and promoting civilization tradition

now in many areas of entrepreneurship problems of rural women’s concern, at the same time, there are more and more rural women’s career path, local governments to actively solve the employment problem of some rural women, also in promoting entrepreneurship.

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Do you have to pay attention to the activities of the restaurant to send gifts

said businesses are the most astute, small make up personally feel that this is not fake, but Xiao Bian also feel that the wisdom of businessmen is worth learning. Just take the catering business this seemingly simple, but in reality it is a complex thing, in the face of diners such special consumer groups, each link can not be careless, even as the promotional gifts of these small things.

do you have a certain relationship with the consumer business, have a great relationship with the number of consumers for catering business skills, people sometimes retain customers and did not imagine so much trouble, a small gift will be able to make our customers more satisfied. But when a small gift giving customers should also pay attention to a certain extent, do not give a careless. read more

Join Kangyuan socks to join the market a new high Business

in our lives, there is always no need for socks. The source of the socks industry, not only to meet the basic needs of consumers to play. And joined the source socks socks project, is still very wise choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join, worthy of trust!

today, people living in the top of the food chain, not only for the increasingly high demands on the socks not idle away in seeking pleasure, often exposed to the sun the items have high standards, cogent socks socks industry representative brand honor, attracted a large number of consumer groups, unique brand advantage is the franchisee to get rich the first choice for business. read more

90 dad suffering from leukemia huge cost can not afford to donate

25 years old after 90 dad was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia, and he has just been born just over 2 months of children. Millions of treatment costs overwhelmed the family. The young father said, I hope good people donate, I want to live a day for children".

and his girlfriend of five years married, shortly after his wife was pregnant. Work in Guzhen County of Bengbu City, Hu Gou Zhen Da Zhuang Cun Huang Hao and his wife, contemplating the first to earn money to 20 thousand yuan to pay off the marriage owed, and then save some money back home to do business, a good growth environment for children. read more

All business thinking of the eight kinds of selling the law must be read

this is a real case, a liquor company planning links in the product, pricing matters planner and business owners had a heated argument, the reason is   planning the pricing is too high, each of the products are higher than the original nearly doubled, business owners feel ridiculously high, consumers are willing to   will not be able to sell.

When planning for

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Flooring enterprises can not ignore the knowledge of environmental protection

believe that as long as we ask what the most care about decoration, I believe many people will answer "environmental protection". This has become a focus of the current renovation, which is a very important material floor, get a lot of attention. Of course, compared to the quality and style, the product’s environmental indicators are also very important.

, then in the dragons and fishes jumbled together dazzling floor market, consumers how to determine their purchase of the floor is not green floor? How to avoid the family decoration pollution problems? We have to determine the index of "environmental protection floor formaldehyde emissions" should pay attention on methods of environmental protection and the selection of the floor choice the problem. read more