Network promotion can not come from the stars to the floor

how to do network promotion

now contribute articles, so that we really want to learn something people disappointed. Completely tall, not at all, are not pure. This will only make people who really learn more empty. Even a little bit of responsibility is not to get into this watch and that’s big, it is contributed to corruption, this is called two. So we have been trying to really fall on some of the network to promote the sharing of knowledge to everyone. For the new learning network promotion novice, landing is a fundamental problem. For the network to promote the novice, the network promotion more understanding, do not know where to start. I don’t know where to start. What should I do? I’ll tell you what to do with

first, you have to learn to learn from the success stories

reference is not completely copied, even if you copied the industry to promote the effect of different. For example, Wahaha "Chen Chen" to promote Sina home page. Do you do antiques to Sina home page to do promotion?. Let me how to do network promotion tell you. Then I’ll give you an example.

secondly, we want to analyze the case

summary of the case only one purpose, to guide our own network promotion. Each successful case can pass through the inevitable there are several points, as long as we analyze the points, and used to guide our network promotion, will be twice the result with half the effort

finally, to combine with their own industry.

Chairman Mao taught us that theory must be connected with practice, and that there is no right to speak without investigation. Through the analysis of the success of the case to summarize the key points, if you can not combine with the industry that is also a rogue. Here I use an example to illustrate the above steps. Above


A promotion

this is Sina China tour with CITS cooperation in micro-blog sina.


analysis of the elements of this promotional activity

1, the two person to travel alone, is the first element of his attraction to others, especially for those who want to travel to greece. Is very attractive. The reason for this activity is not particularly attractive, only one person. Only two places, if the event is designed to. 2 places were selected all free, it is more attractive. Yes, of course。 Sign up for 17900 of the cost. Must comply with the usual price, for example, I usually do not add your activities. I only need 8 million pieces to be able to travel to Greece, and now you want $17900, I am stupid ah I reported your name.

2, Sina release this information in

this information is released in Sina micro-blog is much better than the release in WeChat. As for why, we start thinking about the brain. Every industry has the best

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