How to learn and use the free marketing strategy

free marketing strategy in reality or in the network is a very practical and effective strategies, and for the traditional industries, such as the author is engaged in the car rental industry, the use of more free strategy can greatly enhance the visibility of our enterprise and customers in the local market viscosity, so I and you talk about the car rental industry to learn some ideas for free "strategy.

what is the hardest thing in the world to put someone else’s pocket in his pocket?. What is in turn the easiest thing in the world? Is their own pocket money into the pockets of others, free marketing strategy and we say the reason where it is useful, because it is done is the most simple things, everyone will not refuse.


is common, such as love to take advantage of the mentality, so free strategy is the use of this trait, let everyone to take advantage of us, by letting users think it is cheap things, to quickly open the market, open visibility, because many of them are no resistance in front of the free, most people are not white do not mind! Let’s look at some of the classic free strategy in the network, to learn about.

first: free strategy in car rental industry

read the above two free marketing success stories, are you some inspiration? In fact, the car rental industry but also can use the free marketing strategy, Xi’an car rental company with the author is concerned, we have such a free service is welcomed by customers, who is more than 3 day car rental customers, we have free of charge for the delivery of a driver, this is no other companies, but also our previous play an important strategy for their popularity.

second: learn from the journey

journey is the first batch of domestic network game very successful one, why can it succeed? Regardless of other factors aside, Shi Yuzhu is the use of free strategy, at the time of the domestic online games, almost all of which is to collect fees, through the game card to buy the game time, Shi Yuzhu through their own have the experience of playing a game that wants to "free" game game player, so the journey of "free" online games was born, it is by virtue of free strategy, the journey has become one of the most profitable online games that year.

third: learn free strategy for


said the free measurements in the network, we can not fail to mention the 360 mentioned 360, everyone will think of the familiar 360 security guards, it is the use of free open China market software, through the many antivirus software market under the "free" attack, 360 rapid success in almost every computer in China all the necessary software, Zhou Hongwei is a challenge and a giant. 360 in the final analysis depends on what is the early free, in a market that has never been free, it is unique to the use of free measurement, this

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