Case study jewelry wholesale industry how to operate WeChat public number

friends gave me a message saying, I am doing wholesale jewelry industry, according to the good field, I should go to share some of the jewelry industry articles, this can be done for the promotion of the brand, but my own love and write some of the literary prose. So what am I supposed to do now,


when she raised the question, I asked her two questions, first, you want to through the WeChat public number to bring you what? Second, every day you have a little time to operation and management of WeChat public number


about these two small questions, she answered, want to open the brand awareness and improve product turnover by WeChat public number. Every day there are more than 2 hours to operate it, there is also an artist under their own, but also to help themselves to operate, the public number of material sources have to rely on the network to collect.

OK, now let’s start with an analysis of her current situation and how to operate WeChat public number


is the first choice of WeChat subscription number or service number problem, in fact, send a big difference with WeChat subscription number, service number is the message on the service number one week push once, one can push eight information, subscription number can push once a day at a time you can push information eight.

When the

subscription number is pushed, the information is overlapped. For example, there is a fan of subscription of two subscription number, first subscription number is five points to push the information, second subscription number is five twenty to push the information, so that information sent to the five twenty push, will be in the list ranking on WeChat talk.

and service number push information does not overlap, after you push, the user to see the information in the dialogue list, as you chat with friends, there will be a small red dot.

from her current situation, subscription number should be more suitable for her, because the service number more emphasis on service, a week to push to send a message, but the harassment users, some government departments are the basic love with service number, including some large enterprises. Because they themselves can attract fans, do not need to push some information every day.


OK, now determine the type of public good, so how to operate it?

1 content

she also said that the biggest problem is that he likes to write some prose, but the company still had to sort out some of the industry knowledge. In fact, if you really have the energy, can one day push 2 articles, a kind of industry knowledge, such as how to choose their own hair, with the hair should be what kind of clothes collocation etc.. Because she has a lot of products, so it is easier to find some articles.

so how should prose content be written? I personally think that you should first introduce

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