Xie how soft the effective promotion of

today I mainly discuss with you, soft Wen, especially the webmaster how to use soft Wen to promote their website?

first, what is soft, what is the good soft soft? Is promotion effect, but also very valuable articles, it is the role of publicity, the formation of reputation propaganda, here, I want to declare a misunderstanding, many webmaster think Wen is a paragraph of text and several links, this is not soft, it the effect of add only a few chain, no mouth spread effect. What is good soft text? In a word, can spread to everyone, meaningful, easy to remember your product articles.

how to write soft Wen? The most important thing is to determine your user groups, no matter what promotion, this is an important step in the soft writing, are based on this. Determine what the user, in a word: the more detailed the better, age, income, personality, psychology, psychology is the most important. So I study found several years of advertising psychology, as long as they hold is to seize the soul of the soft, determines the future, we need to analyze their own website or product, you know your website. Many webmaster can’t say, my website can give you what, how to tell people what your website and use it, how do you go to promote, how to write soft. The more familiar with the site, the better you will find that you have a lot of things can be said that there is no fixed form, a word – new, we all like something new. My words, soft Wen is not afraid of thunder, please do not be too new, others can not understand things, but some of the commonly used forms, the novice can be more than the story of soft Wen, the most commonly used in the form of soft wen.


for example, Title: life fun: his wife off the wagon! Is a wine soft, fresh, clear

yesterday is my birthday, forty birthday; forty is the so-called sanshierli, perplexed, man in the middle have no too much ambition, instead of the more profound sense of family responsibility; for his wife and children, I am tired and happy year after year. At home, his wife had prepared a table of delicious waiting for me, my ten year old son had DC slobber; see so warm picture, all the sad moments thrown about youth passing of the winds, I hastened to greet them began to enjoy this heart already sweet delicious not food. His wife helped me with the birthday candle, son I lit a fire, I pray in the hands together, his wife and son blessing song of our family is always happy and healthy, smooth and clean and then blows out the candle, the three of us began to enjoy his wife’s favorite dishes.

to eat for a while, his wife took out a bottle of red wine poured me a cup, smiled and told me to drink; though I am very puzzled, but still drink first. Although already abstainers, but I still can drink out of this is a kind of liquor, but not strong, and sense of taste and refreshing, is to ask his wife this is not wine, she already spoke first: "this is not the wine, but specifically to the middle-aged.

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