For entrepreneurs to provide more than and 10 years of service she summed up the venture four pit

Abstract: in the absence of accounting, as far as possible to entrust the professional norms of the financial company to do the financial, ask them to do the relevant financial judgment. This can be seen in the various indicators of the company’s cash flow is normal, to determine when to start financing.


, in fact, our industry is very low, a new company just put on the new board CEO Li Li described her industry. She referred to, is founded in 2006 and has provided consulting, company registration, Internet Co industry qualification permit declaration, tax agents, trademark, patent administrative affairs consulting services for the company’s operations, however, these are "low" thing is complicated and necessary.

2014 and consulting transformation and development for Internet brand "company treasure", developed a set of online system, the formation of "service + online and offline business" model. Let the service and price transparency, bid farewell to the trade and Industry Bureau in front of leaflets, talk about the price, the main services in the field of TMT and creative companies.

Bao latest round of financing is completed in June last year, 12 million yuan of financing, was valued at about $150 million. In March 7th this year, the Company Bao officially landed three new board (the listed company is still the main Han consulting).

Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission at the beginning of

Li Pumin pointed out that in 2015 the country’s newly registered enterprises on average more than 1 per day. This cake is big enough, fast, green dog network, legal knowledge and other enterprises is the fruit eaters cake, with similar business registration, tax agents, intellectual property rights, capital operation and other services. Companies in the same industry, the company made three treasure differentiation:

1, do not Tmall, Jingdong. Li Li said that the company treasure mode similar Jingdong self + platform, business registration and other standardized business is completely self design, legal affairs, capital operation service and the suppliers will work together; in addition to the deep North of Guangzhou and Hangzhou, Chengdu, the 6 seat is provided with a branch of the city outside of other areas, by the local suppliers for all line service, online data from Beijing headquarters unified management.

2, grab customers at the source of service. Free registration is used to attract customers to the treasure company flagship product, Li Li believes that the enterprise service user viscosity greatly, when you start using a product, then change to other enterprises is expensive, so be sure to expand the entrance.

3, and Xue Manzi cooperation, business incubator. The company is located in Bao Laiguangying stronghold, there is a space for incubator. Li Li said that the priority is the same level of service companies settled incubator, you can provide services, sharing resources, and then choose a good company roadshow to help these enterprises to achieve docking and investment institutions.

The ideal state of the

enterprise service provider is to build an ecosystem, take a client and become a guest

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