How to use QQ space to quickly improve website traffic

today to share the content is the use of QQ space to quickly improve the site traffic, a lot of friends in the site for the flow of the brain, I am no exception. But what I do is product sales, so it is not related to the flow, to be more for me is almost no use. The share of a QQ space to enhance the site traffic. I didn’t actually do it. After all, I had more to do. I can’t see what I see.

good stuff yourself not exclusive, specially out to share, I hope to inspire some friends, can be improved to create a new approach to yourself. Below we begin to analyze the process of the entire flow of ascension. In fact, it is very simple, but a lot of people do not, or not seriously. But there is a big difference between knowing seriously and not seriously. The effect is completely different.

I wrote an article that added thousands of people to my QQ, and I had to delete some friends. But it is also my QQ a lot of people’s sake, so I often see the friends of the update and reprint information. Sometimes go in to see what the space. Once saw the article is reproduced in the form, feeling good to go in to see. The results of a look to know all links form, from beginning to end, all the links. In fact, is a web site of the article table form. Click on an article to enter a personal blog space, do not see do not know. This article is as high as 10 tens of thousands of views. I click on a few other articles, but also high traffic. But in the blog, and in the QQ space is not the article, the flow is very small. So you can see that the flow is reproduced from the QQ space, making the article is a lot of QQ friends to watch. This article is all about computers, so people who use computers are interested in watching. Also willing to reprint. After all, it’s a very good knowledge of computer players. This is a 1 pass ten process. Very powerful.

through this, we can be improved, you can think, you can find a way to profit. We can also send some links to the article, as long as the article is good, it will be checked, as long as the article has the value of collection, it will be reproduced. A good article is very easy to be accepted by the network and like.

seemingly simple things, a lot of people do not do, naturally there is no much harvest. This article by: dream to find you QQ:262734099 Webmaster: original

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