Analysis what are the channels to promote soft

soft Wen promotion have what channel? For a SEOer, just know how to write a promotion soft Wen is not enough. Recently I have been writing soft Wen and send soft Wen, I found that some of the long tail is not in fact the key word is also very easy on the home page, as long as the general included, will have ranking. A good soft Wen, if there is no ranking is a waste of manpower and time, so the release of the carrier is very important. Author soft Wen promotion is through what channels to release it?

soft Wen promotion channels – Q & a

Baidu answers, Sogou ask the question and answer, etc. These are very high weight platform, but also pay attention to the post technique. Baidu Q & a weight is the highest, the highest exposure of the long tail keywords should be the key words, such as: how, how, good, etc.. ID once because of the content of the answer to the promotion of nature, it is easy to be limited, when Baidu judge this ID has a suspected advertising, the ID will not be able to answer any questions, and even questions are limited.

do Baidu Q & A, it is best to raise a few accounts, the more important thing is not to violate the rules of Baidu, careful maintenance, the higher the level of the future promotion of the more favorable. Ask yourself the answer, should pay attention to the method of questioning the public habits, not directly is the key, answer to avoid suspicion of advertising, you can put a product in the first row to Baidu search keywords Baidu guide, like our website in Dacheng network entrance, so the content mentioned Dacheng network on the line.

soft Wen promotion channels – blog

blog for SEO too familiar, but most of the blog itself is very difficult to collect, let alone ranking. Therefore, we want to tap some of the industry’s influential blog platform, the Internet’s corporate Bo network, the world’s managers, etc., the industry will be ranked higher than the third party blog portal website blog high. We are the decoration industry, the soft text around the decoration to write, and recently I was in the Chinese architectural decoration network issued a soft text often row to the home page.

why so fast rankings, so the address is in the main domain name, rather than the other third party blog, are a set of their own domain names, including the nature of the slow to a lot of two. As this industry blog, attention must be paid to the quality of the content of the article, firstly, not wholly intact plagiarism, in addition, the article generally cannot link (this is the habit of SEO), so want to send the chain is not possible.

soft Wen promotion channel – Community Forum

is now a little bit higher than the weight of the forum were blocked outside the chain, in the community forum has been very difficult to send the chain, and the chain of the forum is not high weight. And all the time in the forum have been wondering how to stay links, as well as in the high popularity of the forum to do brand promotion is more practical.

blog, local forums because of its professional is not strong, it is difficult to get the rankings. And some industry forums, >

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