Xia Wenmei industry website the most practical four promotion methods

each site to do the promotion, but to find a method of promotion effect is obvious is not so easy, I spent more than a month’s time to explore the site promotion methods, it also tried many platforms and well-known sites also eat a lot of losses, I do the printing materials industry website summarizes several methods to help some novice.

in the video comments do promotion

I tried to do promotion in large video sites, but the advertising taste is too obvious, pass the examination, but for some of the master who write software or you can try, especially in the promotion of Baidu video in the comments. Or Tudou, Youku, excitement network and other well-known video site to do promotion. Especially the news reporter’s comments are the largest, promotion is to push into the place where many people have the effect of.

release recruitment information to attract eyeballs

recruitment information to attract others to point your site is also a means of promotion, mainly to bring traffic to the site. For example, like the Shenzhen talent network, Shanghai talent network, etc. can be more than a few registered recruitment website, recruitment of different positions slightly higher wages to attract more eye points into their website.

write soft in the major well-known blog, space to promote

note that this seems to be very common we all know that the promotion method, in fact, there is an inherent meaning. Here is related to how to write the soft, which can be posted to the website search engine on, in fact, I have a NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Baidu and Baidu post bar. Through spatial analysis and tracking, found that sina and Baidu space is to see the Baidu search engine. In addition to these, there is a website that is A5 station, once it included other stations will reprint articles, just pay attention to the soft Wen written including other blogs, forums and space are the same, do not take the soft advertising, try to write some valuable articles, to watch you some people harvest, so that large blog space and forum will be included in your article. There will be more people to pay attention to, there will be more people to see your website.

QQ group and related industries to promote the forum

QQ group is a very good promotion methods, Guan Jian is that we want to add some who, how can let others come to our website: we should find a website industry related people to join groups such as my website is printing materials portal, I would try to find some of the printing industry and related industries Forum Bowen joined each other’s QQ number. Group to add some people, and share some useful things, try to make a group of active points, thus slowly will own website out, such as printing a web portal activities (such as quiz etc.) can call people to participate in a group inside. And so on these ways to promote their website. There is a relevant forum, we want to find about their website industry forum, the forum to promote targeted, the effect will be better.

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