The swindler MMM financial platform for mutual have collapsed when you take the disc man yet

foreign remnant egg Festival, MMM news, which means a crash and restart. Prior to the basic void, the official statement is frozen, and said the debt can be repaid within six months. If there are people this hope, I can only say that you idiotic. Do not believe, look down.

honorable participant!

unfortunately, all of our measures to stabilize the situation have failed, we have not overcome the crisis. Now it’s obvious. In fact, the participants began to panic. As we all know, panic is disastrous for any financial structure. In this case, all we can do is to announce the restart and start again. There is no other way out of the crisis.

so, all of your requests have been canceled, freeze the old groom Ronaldo, Malaysia frovatriptan2.5mg put into use. The new deal Mafu Luo as usual. As for the old groom Ronaldo, with the development of the system, we will gradually get them back. (New PO request will be sent to the old Luo holder. ) experience in other countries shows that more than half of the time don’t need to pay off old debts, groom.

should be emphasized.

first of all, the most important thing is not the end of the world, there is nothing to worry about. In the new system is put into use as soon as possible we will repay the old debt Mafu luo. There’s no doubt about that. In addition, we have been in many other countries for many times. We have enough experience: -) more importantly, now is the time to make the most contribution, because everything is from scratch, so there is no risk. Seize the chance! – – -)

the most important thing is that it’s all because of the unfortunate chain of events, but not because the system is not sustainable. It should be clear understanding. For a year of smooth service, the system has proven sustainability.


personal office failure (due to excessive expansion and a sharp increase in the server overload), troublemakers (dishonest participants, creating hundreds of million order request, then refused to pay), all these endless activities interrupted the holiday, most importantly, by the mass media set off negative activities. All these factors are jointly affected. Is unfortunate. Therefore, we must face this situation today.

if the mass media began to spread negative information about any bank in the same way, even the most reliable banks. On the second day the bank will deposit? And they smear us for a long time. What are their goals and make people suffer?

but we repeat, this is not a disaster, but it is only temporary difficulties, we must overcome. It’s simple。 So we should not slow down and should not give up towards a common goal. Let’s start developing the system with two times and three times! Everything will get better soon: -) (



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