Ming Xuan teach you how to conquer Baidu know Q & a failure

I, Huang Mingxuan, do not dare to say is to do the Baidu Q & a master, because Baidu know thousands of masters, Baidu also constantly modify the rules, but I believe that my experience should be able to help you.

then back to believe we do network promotion will encounter such a situation, Baidu know answer address failure, then how to do? Here to share some of my experience


a, do not forget the development of mining keywords.

Baidu included the key words, and we have been doing is the target keywords, but often a lot of people forget to tap the long tail keywords, into a misunderstanding.

let me give you an example:

this is a friend of Qingdao to do the design, in the group of friends for help in asking, "I let other people to submit all the problems of failure, a failure did not leave, how to solve?" by understanding that his questions and answers are asked to others and answer, one day will release so the 2 question, and the answer was taken two days later, then remove the IP to monitor the cause of Baidu, the rest of the likely is the problem.



: here, it is obvious that all questions are around one or two target words to do, and set the long tail keywords technology is not good, then I gave him advice: one of your target keywords Qingdao design has been done in the first page, then you can change a related target keywords ah, don’t be a target keyword, a target keyword can be converted into long tail keywords, which is to explore the development of related industries and target keywords and long tail keywords.

also made an example:



is the target keyword

mining long tail keywords:

Qingdao, where the design is better?

Qingdao has done a little better design recommendations?

there is no friend of the Qingdao design recommended to sit better design company


do better design Qingdao company?

these are the target of Qingdao design key words long tail keywords, then the target keyword has been arranged to the first page, don’t do this target keywords, to develop the next target keywords, such as: logo design, sign design… So, these are a target keywords related industries more often in search, the target keywords, mining the long tail keywords to do so, not only can enrich and increase your exposure rate of products can also be a full range of sell your products.

as many people are doing, popular keywords do not change, and thinking to do the unpopular, is converted into effective and direct customer is very high. So here’s >

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