A brief discussion on several steps to promote the use of SNS website

SNS platform in recent years, China’s Internet market has been relatively rapid development, micro-blog’s growth and growth so that businesses are very high expectations of micro-blog’s marketing value, SNS platform is also true. In fact, our network promotion has been unable to ignore these critical platforms. Such as QQ space, happy network, network promotion is inseparable from the SNS platform. That the use of SNS website promotion need to how to implement it?

the first step to analyze the promotion platform

we use each kind of promotion method, the first thing to do is to choose the specific platform to analyze or promote the position, that is, the site. In order to understand baizhanbudai! It is not only to combine and platform to combine, and choose their own websites and their own website, the target group will appear SNS platform. If you do IT website, it would be to promote with IT as the direction of the site, if it is portal to portal website that sent part of a group of local, you will be the promotion of the website list, and then one by one specific analysis.

second step, registered account, into the group

target SNS platform has been released, followed by an account registration. Do network marketing can spend some thoughts on the account, give yourself an interesting and special account and their own web site is closely related to the name, often can achieve unexpected results. We can try to improve their own information, the more detailed the content of the more real, it will be easier to get people’s trust. After the registration, is the beginning of promotional activities, to promote their wider information, then add friends, plus interest, into the group is sure to do the work, this is a lot of SEOer will ignore step. Of course, you have to join the group with your own positioning, choose to be relatively accurate, otherwise it is not up to the purpose you want. This is to a certain extent, in a platform to build a small group, we bundled together, using the power of the group to grow their own.

third step, multi function promotion

in general, we are on a website promotion, will be involved in the platform to provide multiple functions, is a combination of multiple functions to promote. For example, you can post in the webmaster encyclopedia can also send soft Wen or participate in the interview, the site provides the function to use. The SNS site will generally provide users with personalized avatar personal diaries and sharing, as well as comments and other functions. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion, these subtle things we have to take advantage of. When the head of the picture, you can upload a real head, and then put some advertising slogans below. User voting is also worth mentioning is the happy net provide, and users to vote generally are more interested, imagine if you initiate impressive vote, and self promotion information combination, can get the effect is very considerable.

for the SNS platform, also

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