Analysis of WeChat marketing suitable for which companies

since the WeChat era many users have started to fall in love with WeChat, also because there are so many users began to have people began to study the WeChat marketing, but also the development of many people have begun to focus on the field of WeChat marketing. Then I have also studied the method of WeChat marketing for some time and found that WeChat is not suitable for every industry to do. Some companies use WeChat is completely impossible to achieve the effect, then WeChat in the end is suitable for the development of those companies?

consider the target user

is a user of WeChat has reached an unbelievable amount in a short period of time, but in the hundreds of millions of users in the user is what you need, look for a needle in the ocean is not our style, this will only make the enterprise funds, manpower expenditure is more serious and has, may eventually be unable to get what you want effective. For example: a bank of WeChat users is very obvious that all of them in the bank to open the transfer of people are basically their target users, there is no open transfer can be regarded as the target user, to find ways to let them open an account. So they can use WeChat to promote their information.

uses WeChat to provide users with information

assumes that we have identified people who need us in WeChat, so we’re going to have to get them to focus on us. However, these users want to focus on what we are able to provide users with the kind of information or information. He is not a user without any cause or reason to pay attention to your micro signal, the only possibility is that you have the information he needed, or the services they need, such as! Said the bank micro signal their public platform can provide query service series. So there will be users to pay attention to. On the contrary, if you only have a micro signal or WeChat public platform, and can not provide users with valuable things, then why should they pay attention to your micro signal?

WeChat marketing using those companies

from the above two points can be seen, not all companies are suitable for the use of WeChat to do marketing. The author also found that many companies since the birth of the moment WeChat began to use WeChat to do marketing. Then they get the effect is also different, for example, some sites have begun to use WeChat, in a corner of the site placed in WeChat’s two-dimensional code. I like this website a shopping guide website to take the author himself seen it! First their website is a very ordinary website, as for what is the name I have website, users are basically relying on the search page to enter, but also not to speak of what brand. Think about such a web site put a WeChat two-dimensional code what is the use of the general user to see if you can go, or to achieve the purpose of the people out of the. What is the reason for people to pay attention to your WeChat? In considering the back, even if people pay attention to your micro signal, why can you provide information and services?


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