Analysis of agricultural e commerce model

both at home and abroad, we see the success of e-commerce examples are mostly concentrated in books, video products, such as a relatively high degree of standardization of the field, or in the field of digital products. In the industry, the service industry, we can also find e-commerce success, but for the agriculture, due to the characteristics of agricultural production and agricultural standardization degree is low for many reasons, the development of agricultural e-commerce is slow, the real success of the company of agricultural electronic commerce are rare. How to break through the bottleneck of agricultural e-commerce, as soon as possible to improve the international competitiveness of China’s agriculture, is worthy of our in-depth study of a major issue. This paper will make an analysis of China’s agricultural e-commerce model.

China’s agricultural e-commerce model is still in the exploration stage, there are some successful models, especially in some highly specialized agricultural e-commerce, such as feed, gardening and other types of electronic commerce and its mode of success, the key lies in the characteristics of Chinese market understanding and grasp, especially for rural and agricultural market market products processing and circulation of agricultural products market and even the international agricultural product market understanding. To be able to make full use of technical advantages of e-commerce, but also can fully carry forward the essence of traditional business in rural China, firmly grasp the stage characteristics of the development of electronic commerce, combined with China’s national conditions for innovation and integration, providing a valuable service to the customers.

farmers information service business model

this is the first investment in the establishment of e-commerce e-commerce model. China has 900 million farmers, because most live in remote rural areas of science and technology, information, price information, agricultural information, market information is most welcome. The establishment of agricultural e-commerce website, to a certain extent to meet the information needs of the farmers, especially as the 12582 rural information network ( is established, enabling farmers to get more market information, and use the Internet to sell agricultural products, to bring the majority of farmers are unpredictable sales opportunities, increase farmers the income, is welcomed by the peasants.

1 SMS business models (such as mobile nongxintong rural information network

)The mode of Agricultural Information Service SMS

along with the development of modern information technology and the emergence of the main object, including information content providers (ICP), Internet service providers and mobile phone customers? ISP (i.e. the majority of farmers or agricultural production operator). At present, this mode of operation widely in many places of our country, such as Anhui power grid and Anhui mobile communication company jointly carry out this business. The advantage of this model is to make full use of modern information network technology and wireless communication technology, the service can be rich in content, direct to farmers, reduce intermediate links, high efficiency, low investment, high output efficiency. The disadvantage is that not getting good promotion, not many people know about it, because farmers accept charges also need a process; hold the difficulty of operation and classification standards, information and mobile phone which farmers a big factor in its development. From the history of the development of SMS in China, >

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