Quick search method

1. between multiple keywords with space separated

2. is not equivalent to cutting keywords spaces or
example: enter " into the search box on " apple pear; apple or pear are both.

3. in search results, this function is actually using the above 1 said in a and relationship. We should pay attention to the NetEase, the search box search engine keywords, can retain a user input for example: we first input: " –> " NetEase; get the output 290 then, the search box has retained the " NetEase; " read the word, the results, and then enter " into the search box; ", " chat; " chat; a key box in front of Oh, press enter, the result is 22, so complete again in search results the task of.

4. English letter insens

5. web search can be directly used to query the web site. For example:

6.- number can exclude irrelevant information to help you search for more accurate content. For example A -B
input (remember to leave a space before the minus sign bit) can be retrieved contains A, but does not contain the contents of the B, more conducive to reduce the search range (A and B represent keywords)
said information except Windows98.

7." " the search results of absolute fidelity to your search query

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