How much do you know about the psychological characteristics of WeChat


promotion do to have effect? How to attract the attention of fans? What kind of articles we are willing to look forward to? Why a lot of WeChat reading quantity is not high, because the content is not good, so no one forward, no one even click, even if the content push 100 people, maybe 99 people are not open to see while the content is good, high; forwarding service, the number of 1 people, may also have a reading of 100 people. So let users forward, WeChat promotion is essential.

wants to let users forward our articles, we have to analyze the user to take forward action before considering factors. Liu Yu includes three types of characters, which are "cautious", "expressive" and "sharing"".

1, cautious: taking into account some of the content I can not forward". The content will be shared to share the characteristics of the characters, so before sharing, the user will be able to take into account who can see his share, sharing the content will have an impact on their image. In general the user’s circle of friends have family, friends, colleagues, and even there is leadership, teacher and customer relationship, so to keep his "identity", when forwarding will have scruples, have a choice.

2, performance type: this content can "show my XX" forwarding behavior in this layer there are several psychological incentives, such as: highlighting personality, highlighting the identity, the ability to display, highlighting the vision…… In general, it’s good for you. People don’t do something It is without rhyme or reason. content, so we must have evoked their forwarding reason to consider from the aspects of good for users, and cater to the trend of society and constantly broaden ideas, thus Everfount provides users with favorable content". For example, many people now forwarded to show their informative, this is a kind of social psychology widely generating in the rapid spread of information, to cater to this trend, so we content to be fresh enough! The first time to catch the hot and fast finishing, spread out to


3, sharing type: this content is "to help a friend" friends want to see if the above we call "performance", then this kind of people is "sharing"". They like to use useful, fun, fresh content, to share with friends. After reading the article, the user feels very want to share with someone in the circle of friends, this idea can be the fastest to urge them to press forward health!

after the end of the investigation of the general user forwarding psychology, we need to analyze their own public number of existing fans and target fans. Including user attributes, psychological characteristics, reading needs and forwarding needs, dissemination of content to be targeted, precise delivery will be effective. The same piece of content, in addition to a number of public reading over 10000, you look good is copied, that will have the same effect in your public number, this idea is now widespread. The fundamental reason of the powder. The key point is that you don’t even know what you want and what you want from your users

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