A brief discussion on some features of QQ space log

QQ is now the largest number of users in a communication platform, a series of related QQ, such as QQ, micro-blog, QQ QQ group mail, QQ bottles and QQ space are fertile land marketing, with so many platforms, people tend to ignore the marketing value of QQ space. I personally think that as long as good to dig and use, QQ space marketing effect is very good, especially the promotion of the brand, through the QQ space can bring some brand effect.

QQ is the space inside the log has reproduced function, this will give us the promotion brought by chance, with a promotion information log is a ten, ten hundred spread promotion effect is good. QQ log can make your website or product overnight fame, but before that, you have to understand some of the characteristics of QQ space:

a, QQ space is the world after 80

QQ the function of the space and blog the same, only QQ space has more strong feelings, it takes QQ friends to spread, not often meet friends can understand your situation through QQ space, space slightly updates and changes, friends will know in time, will also interact with you through the message. The survey shows that 80 young people accounted for most of the user’s QQ space, these 80 young people love to tell their feelings in the space, record your life like a diary, these people become the network interaction, sharing and exchange of the vane.

two, QQ space log unique

QQ space is mostly concerned about the QQ friends, there are many common topics, is a lasting small groups. With the growth of QQ space, young users are also gradually mature, their feelings for QQ space is very deep, QQ space has become part of their lives. They recorded his emotional journey in QQ space, the topic is familiar in the circle of friends, our product marketing can be for these friends, although the circle is small, but if the friend is not the same. How to make friends reprint their log space? First is of course the contents of the log, which is the focus of attention of the friends, we are concerned about this topic, into our products in this content, targeted for these friends will be able to attract customers, friends reproduced.

three, friends like to reprint what kind of log content?

talked about the two points before the arrow to a key word, that is, the contents of the log. Understand the preferences of friends, write the contents of the needs of friends, friends feel that this article useful, it will naturally reproduced. Where can I get this kind of content? I give you a summary of the three ways, perhaps to help you.

1, to understand their own products and product information, such as cutting-edge information industry, industry and technology innovation of new products and so on, your friends

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