A slag man brand was born

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slag man. Some people think that after the engagement, leading to derailment fiancee jumping type, or adultery, and the boss is also possible in the transfer of assets or the boss is on the one hand, is the daughter of leukemia fundraising, but on the other hand, say three suites for son can not sell the kind of.

these are. But these are examples.

cases are common behind. So today we want to talk about is a slag male brand, a total of a few steps.

The collapse of

perfect people

set is a very interesting word, is called a God from the perspective of congenital defects: I think you should look like this, you don’t, then I will judge your moral.

I think you should. Some people do not come from your own packaging, there are consumers of your fantasy.

can be said that people is the starting point of all collapse slag male brand. Your wife also help your child, you will die in the wild about the hotel to see the past show the luminous badminton? Love? The eyes of fans husband? Do you still speak of edible oil to cook? Love? Bah bah bah bah bah!


The more

before the people in a near perfect setting, more in the category of slag male, higher ranking.


, who are desperately to play good man brand to be careful. Perfection does not exist. Appropriate some small defects, is a rainy day, let go the longer the only proper course to take brand.

After the collapse of the

set against the


from a sell the good father to save the woman, a poison microphone Mongolia "shameless villain", Rolle feel very grievance: if a reward number is not 2 million, but 200 thousand, there will be so many people concerned.


it’s a great truth, but it sounds very hot. Apart Erhao Luo dad brand, the fundamental reason is not in the three suite, but that he in the media to say the truth.

Chaoyang masses are caught you is a slag man pigtail, you don’t just bow to admit, accept public trial, dare to quibble, still want to resist, also want to absolve you? A sell milk, the child drinking pulled belly, you also explained that Asians are very common you have lactose intolerance? No human? You this slag male enterprise, I want people to resist Nen

you to death!

emotion. People on slag

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