Talking about the network marketing from the feast of Wang

recently hit the cinema in the new Lu Chuan movie "the last supper" has attracted many people’s attention, yuan (push network marketing lecturer) I still admire Lu Chuan, he Chinese as leader of the new generation of directors in the sixth generation director, is also one of the Chinese. Directed works "Hoh Xil", "Nanjing! Nanjing!" has won a number of awards at home and abroad, the quality of the film is very good. But for his new film "the last supper", a lot of people is not concerned with the content of the film is not about how much the box office, but focus on the Navy recently raise a Babel of criticism of the body, let’s look at how this is going on.

the king’s Feast "since the broadcast, reputation and its box office is not good, Lu Chuan propaganda team put the responsibility on the network the Navy deliberately discredit, and blew Wuwanlai spent to hire the network Navy this movie brush praise, actually it is not the first time. Last year’s release of the" Kuan "and" Warring States "also had this trick. At that time, the two film reputation is not very good, so that was a "network navy" attacks, and jointly invested 100 thousand yuan reward for the capture of "Navy", but what did not catch. Many people see the film side did not come up with evidence of what, think "for navy" is more like their propaganda.

yuan (a lecturer) for many years engaged in the marketing of the network, the network navy was familiar with this name, since it is a military, there must be a certain size, a certain number of people, is employed in the network public relations firm, campaigning for others who post replies. Why is the water with a word, as the name suggests is the broad meaning of the network Navy personnel is not fixed, with the company’s staff, students, but also in the SOHO family, as long as there is time, can do this.

with the popularity of Internet, and the open comment platform, for many movie fans, found the film, many people love to stroll watercress, Mtime time net website, to search for the recently released movie, look at those people who have seen this film, is how to evaluate the film, then choose in the middle of a movie that evaluation of good, good reputation, its time to go to the cinema to enjoy. So the evaluation of these films can really affect the end of the film at the box office, which is why many producers for the navy to discredit to.

In fact,

can be seen from this incident on the network’s influence is more and more big, he is not subject to geographical restrictions, no matter where, as long as the Internet, you can send micro-blog posted on the Internet, and to express their own views and positions, so the network influence is everywhere, because of this advantage so, network marketing is gradually become the most important and most effective way of marketing. Now more and more enterprises or individuals to choose network marketing to promote and establish their own brands, the film industry is no exception, with the release of the film, will advertise on the Internet, commonly used methods include network public relations, crisis public relations.

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