An excellent APP promotion must be aware of the operational tools commonly used in the work


Before aunt

wrote an article "good APP promotion four magic weapons: armor, weapons, martial arts, horse", the address is Weapon refers to a variety of methods and tools to promote. In this period, aunt is written to promote the use of tools, with these tools, you will be in the promotion of APP in the process of operation, through the analysis of the data, make a good strategy.

1 tools:

1, name: AYL love earnings App list monitoring (

2, purpose: to monitor their own applications in the country’s major application market ranking and download changes.

3, features: iOS and Android are covered.

a, Android application market data: Baidu, 360, pea pods, treasure, Android, 91, millet, oppo, HUAWEI ranking data, applications, games, classification, list the total list of hot search list data, support App, PC mobile phone terminal ranking data on the Web side, Web side hand ranking data ranking data and PC assistant end ranking data, it also includes the application downloads data of each big market.

B, support for iOS application market data: PP assistant, XY Apple assistant, Ace Apple assistant, the classification of the hippocampus Apple assistant and download data.

C, it is said that the results of the search results will soon be on the line.

4, Gupo comments: all along, iOS a lot of tools, Android little. Before Android downloads statistics data, statistics search ranking, the total list, classification rankings are very human, a lot better. It is said that many products transfer transactions, financing, CPT statistics will refer to their home data.

5, product screenshot:



2 tool two:

1, name: APPYIING. Http://

2, use: only for iOS.

a, view keyword heat. Http://

B, App Store free list view update time and cycle. Http://

C, ASO tool APPDUU, can view >

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