250 million financing is false Melon used car to come up with SEC file link innocence

Abstract: as the investor includes 58 groups of listed companies, melon seeds have SEC documents and announcements, subject to strict supervision of the law, it is impossible to fake."



titanium media hit the second-hand car electricity supplier in the field of single financing amount of the highest in the seeds of second-hand car, recently busy rumor".

anonymous mail broke the news that the seeds of second-hand car A round of financing fraud, which is the capital of the second letter of the light of the melon seeds used car investment has not yet arrived, the actual amount of melon seed financing is not $204 million 500 thousand.

specific reason is one of which has been low-key partner Ye Yuming several times for the melon seeds used car high-profile platform. Until now, the seeds of the external dissemination of information, but also has been listed in the main letter of light second. But in fact, the letter of the second-hand car light seeds investment has not arrived, the amount of financing is not the seeds actually get $204 million 500 thousand, and has been one of the important optical signal that foreign investors own. Up to now, the official website of the official website of the letter of light capital has been removed from the list of seeds used car."

seeds of second-hand car denied the authenticity of the message, and said that the investment includes 58 listed companies financing group, SEC files and seeds were announced, under strict regulatory law, can not be false.

last month there is news that seeds and everyone should merge, "everyone seeds and cars have begun to negotiate with things, but like all the merger, the merger is the driving force behind the investment." But soon the rumor.

in September 13th, the melon used car announced A round of financing totaling over $250 million. This is the scale of the A round of financing in the field of the most, but also in the capital of the cold winter rare generous financing.

seeds straight sell second-hand car network officially launched on September 27, 2015, from 58 in November 2015 to split out economically and legally become an independent company.

at that time, Yang Haoyong to the identity of individual investors, to invest 60 million dollars in melon seeds used car. After the financing, Yang Haoyong will once again put himself before the judge "if can burn with competing products pulled from 8:2, it is definitely worth a try." He said the melon seeds will invest 1 billion, to try to take up C2C second-hand car electricity supplier market share of 80%.

(titanium Media Editor Hector Jing report)

melon seeds used for the following statement:

recently, some of the media received a report on the seeds of second-hand car straight selling network financing anonymous e-mail. The contents of the message that the melon used car financing problems, and questioned the melon seed financing data. In this, the melon used car solemnly declared that the melon seeds used by the official release of the car on the seeds of second-hand car financing information, are true and accurate information. For anonymous

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