Network marketing and promotion to follow five aspects

today is Saturday, the right owners is a little time to write something, what is the theme of today? I read a book about network marketing book "actual" network marketing "recently, I want to write something about internet marketing personal opinion.

in fact, network marketing and network promotion is inseparable, just like the brothers, but also to contain each other and service. Network marketing tend to be more direct economic benefits, and network promotion tends to the establishment of enterprise or individual brand. Network marketing must include network promotion, network promotion is the basis of network marketing it promotes network marketing, network marketing is an integral part of.

how do companies or individuals conduct online marketing?

a power station that, regardless of marketing or promotion need to follow the following five aspects:

1, interactive

on the Internet to interact, can only interact with range diffusion effects, the interaction of it, there will be more people involved, at the same time, the authenticity and value of interaction and to let people feel things.

2, save records

network is an information carrier so much, we do network promotion and marketing data per day are very large, the Internet are all carried out marketing activities, so how to make their work more meaningful, to play a greater role in order to save? Recorded days after regular maintenance.

you worked hard to think of a good idea, to create a good post, beginning maybe popular for a few days, but, if you do not go to regular maintenance, then a good post will be those who regularly maintain the top post. This should be done on the Internet: perseverance, perseverance, the spirit of the law. Even if it is not a very good post, as long as you have a regular maintenance will be better than not to maintain, cherish what you have, in order to give you more returns.

3, attention span and face

: you need to have the breadth is your information over the Internet to (of course this is not possible), so you want to find new, more promotional platform, build more of their own promotion platform, promote the wide benefit of this is not explained, as we all know, this is a long term the effect of the relationship.

promotion of the face: This is to do targeted things, for a number of potential customers can be done to focus on the promotion and focus. We need to find this from work and experience, to allow you to work harder.

4, establish a good reputation

After all,

to do long-term marketing, to do serial benefits, the best is to promote customers to your product promotion, this is the most convincing promotion and most let customers consumer psychology, establish the reputation of the surface of natural needless to say, search companies or products are shouting, which seems to be in the network marketing is very difficult.

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