Ten mistakes made by nternet workers

On the Internet workers are most likely to make ten mistakes

1. always look down on opponents

2. never use rival products

3. never care about industry trends

4. lost in the complex industry information

5. personal habits as the majority of user habits

6. lack of passion

7. lack of creativity and courage

8. does not consider profit

9. doesn’t care about details

10. only cares about the Internet

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The following is the old

1, the opponent’s ignorance, which is mentioned above the big head, look down on opponents, or do not understand the opponent’s products, dynamic, the results of a lot of thought that the novelty of the idea, in fact, others have done

2, the ignorance of the industry, this is also mentioned above; however, in addition to the latest theory, products, a lot of people in the industry lack of analysis and judgment of their own, the result will only like starlings as a mouthpiece, in product design, just blindly imitate

3, in his ignorance, people tend to fall into the details of yourself, only to see the very local things, such as editing often do not understand the technology, design, and technology will only focus on the program, the code of things; and if not understand their own product characteristics, objectives, work chain structure more global things, there is no problem in the traditional line of work, mainly mental work in Internet work can play a greater value, unable to make progress

4, spokesman of the people love to do, as the bulk of that, personal habits as the majority of the user’s habits, but few really deep into the users to listen to their own ideas, love is "certainly", "of course", "", "natural" such words are certainly, no actual data support

5, myopia, irritable. Different from the traditional industries, the Internet industry product development achievements can be updated at any time, it would be a great advantage; but the habit of doing so, it is easy to perform from A to Z stages of a software project, starting from the needs and feasibility, to complete the test, for each product a little update is part of a big goal with the company’s consistent, organic; after the results for a long while, get a bunch of rambling things, actually spent a lot of energy, but is likely to be in place.

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