Not care millet Liang Jun admitted that the micro whale is the biggest rival music

in addition to the daily headlines and no trouble on the ecology of the Empire, the music, as well as continue to worry about its opponents. Pick the thing of millet has to fear, micro whales became one of the bright younger generation makes it "headache" where. Because, not only the "city" people began to compare, even the people are worried that this will become the "micro whale whale" and one day in the future to bring a

like the sea?In the recent 2016 China

leaders summit, LETV CEO Jia Yueting and micro whale technology CEO Li Huaiyu meet, two people were in the peak forum will share about ginseng and mentor. Attention, is the core word micro whale, Li Huaiyu was in a frequently mentioned visit, this forum is no exception, he said: "adhere to focus wholeheartedly to do a good job. When can accumulate deep and wide grain, don’t be the clouds away," said Li Huaiyu, the first intelligent hardware is still on the first half, at present, the consumption structure is being upgraded, one is Chinese three to five lines of consumption upgrade, two is a new generation of home entertainment products for the young people must be a trend in the future. Changes in the consumption structure, in fact, means that the user needs to change, to meet the needs of users is the most important, rather than unnecessary traffic.

the music as "the Duke" – CEO Jia Yueting, in front of the outside world, is always a blind running of the image, but it is worth pondering is that in 2016 years the China business leaders will share the supervisor meeting, Jia Yueting said LETV will not change the strategic direction, which will change the strategy of rhythm, advance into the ecological strategy of rhythm the second stage, focusing on the existing market, start internal organizational change, to achieve ecological cross between organizations in three years to strengthen the anti. The construction of ecological gross expanding Empire Jia boss, first proposed focusing attention, it is epoch-making.

had the music as it is in Longshou, to learn from the other.


whale unlimited potential Liang Jun admits is the biggest rival

and Jia Yueting, boss care-laden micro whale and with special respect, LETV TV trader Liang Jun. According to the Tencent technology reporter Li Ruchao reported that the face of some rivals as the music industry within the cordon, Liang Jun is not worried about millet, "they are old, just take the micro whales and Ali two scoop". "This huge monster Ali is almost not missing, missing him all the music, not only, is our earlier than him". For the micro whale, Liang Jun said they are worried about the strength of the capital to hundreds of billions of dollars, completely open up the content, hardware, it is entirely possible to touch the music as the tv."

This tree

micro whale skeleton is very simple, all the branches it completely around the smart home entertainment scene of this growth, all products, technology and content around the scene unfold. The hardware and software, it is the main content, the formation of "encirclement". But it will not be separated from its root, whether it is the introduction of the VR or projection technology, the implementation of

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