Stick and transition should learn from Baidu

more than a month ago, one of my old friends, haven’t met the "manager" magazine for president Chauvin to visit me, bring me some of the latest magazine. One of the magazine’s cover article is the worst performance of the 2006 entrepreneurs in the year of 10, while Baidu’s Robin Li actually ranked in the top second. In the media often touted good and not good but it will show enterprises today, such a topic is very unique and creative, but also need courage.

I’m not a person who likes to argue. So I don’t want to argue about whether Baidu is a good company now or in 2006, and whether Robin Li is a bad entrepreneur. This is a problem each one according to his lights. There is a saying in Germany: the more glory, the more enemies. The opposite is true: the more the enemy, the more glory.

here, the only thing I want to explore is why Baidu can go to this day: today’s glory, with today’s enemies. I want to know what they did right? I want to know what makes them from? China’s 30 million small business owners can learn from what?

I believe we can learn from Baidu and Robin Li is his persistence and transformation.

, like all success stories, Baidu’s growth is full of luck. If Robin Li is not admitted to the university study of Library and information science, if he did not go to the United States, if he did not give up PhD but participated in the work, if not met the right person at the right time, let him have the opportunity to obtain a patent search technology and (it is said that the venture is a call Robin Li to work the Infoseek company executives, he learned that in search technology in the world top three, and immediately decided to invest), without a vision and can get the idea (it is said Mrs. Robin Li’s wife said: Robin, you have to go back to the China!) If you do not happen to meet their partners Xu Yong, if, if…… We can’t hear the Baidu story.

but these lucky elements we can’t imitate and learn.

the first thing we can learn is Robin Li’s persistence:

When Robin Li

started the business in January 2000, a search engine is not essential. Web site can do to meet the needs of Internet users. Robin Li believes that with the rich content of the Internet, the search for people will be more and more demanding and more and more. He chose a was unpopular, not fashion, not to be optimistic about the field. He chose to stick. Robin Li is a smart place, through the realization of their commitment to get the trust of investors and soon got second venture capital of $10 million, so that they have a strong backing.

I have studied a lot of companies and entrepreneurs, I found that there are only two kinds of people in the world: winners and give up.

the second thing we can learn is Robin Li

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