Webmaster network daily broadcast Juhuasuan Hong Kong and Taiwan to expand business Baidu push micro


1 industry and Commerce want to supervise personal shop: push the operating license

within 5 years

Taobao tax QianYiFaErDongQuanShen, a proposal to the CPPCC National Committee raised a great disturbance, to get the message according to the "IT times" reporter, compared with the tax, the business sector has been in the planning of "supervision in advance", is expected in five years, the implementation of online business license system in the country, the "brand" with the existing commercial portal page bottom show "business license" or similar, this will allow all online commercial shops have license".

news: http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20130408/496700.shtml? 1365410118

2 who is in the wash white capital into the at the same time with a safe exit considerations

"we’re not really cyber night clubs!" Fu Zhengjun, sitting across the street, looks so upset that he repeatedly tells the story of an interview that has not been published.

in these reports, Fu Zhengjun created 9158 is described as a gold pin cave hidden on the Internet: sexy girls show in the virtual room, as they spend money like water bosses fu fighting, homeowners and website people get rich into. This model, known as the "show" mode. This description even earning large quantities of gold each day shocked by Fu Zhengjun himself: "to really make money, I want to Sina’s $30 million investment has been doing, so money is not very good!"

interactive video community 9158 indeed used the show mode, Fu Zhengjun does not deny this. What he cares about is that he still uses this prejudice to generalize 9158. Although in 2008, 9158 have bid farewell to the show mode. Leading this shift is IDG capital. The fate of Fu Zhengjun and IDG, but as early as 9158 in 2000 before the formation of the knot.

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3 Google intends to $1 billion acquisition of cross platform messaging application WhatsApp

Beijing on April 8th news, according to foreign media reports, Digital technology website Trends quoted sources said, Google (micro-blog) in cross platform messaging application WhatsApp acquisition of negotiations, intends to $1 billion acquisition of the latter.

sources said the above, Google intends to acquire WhatsApp, but the WhatsApp team tough attitude, adhere to nearly $1 billion worth. The WhatsApp will be put under the arm of Google’s "fusion

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