Robin Li European people have no choice but to Baidu Google

after attending the G20 summit CNBC interview, Robin Li said: the United States Internet Co holds the dominant position is very important in Europe, such as the search market, Google’s market share is very high, even higher than the United states. I think European users should be frustrated because they don’t have enough choices, and that creates opportunities for companies like ours.


news September 6th, according to CNBC reports, the day before, Baidu CEO Robin Li interview with foreign media, said that although the British off Europe and apple issues such as tax evasion or some uncertain factors, but Baidu will still be perceived as a huge potential market, Chinese technology companies can go out in europe.

"the American Internet Co (in Europe) still occupies a very dominant position. For search services in this market, Google in Europe has a very high market share, even higher than its share of the market share in the United states. So, I think the people of European countries are actually very helpless, because they do not have many other options. But this actually creates opportunities for companies like us, "Robin Li said during an interview with foreign media CNBC in Hangzhou during the G20 summit.

"when it comes to technology, American companies dominate almost everything, at least in the past. But now, China’s Internet Co are rising, we will be able to provide you with more choices, Robin Li said.

Robin Li also added that Chinese companies in the settlement of domestic problems, often able to demonstrate great innovation, and to spread their innovative technology overseas.

held in the former Viva Paris Technology conference, Robin Li mentioned that the search is increasingly mature, mobile and desktop is very different, Baidu needs to find ways to enter this new market.

Baidu in the layout of the overseas Internet market, now mainly concentrated in Brazil, Japan and Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, such as in Indonesia, Baidu has its own Android application store – MoboMarket. But in the European market, because bundled with the popularity of Google services Android system, other Internet services is difficult to form a complete set of systems to facilitate users.

Robin Li proposed the comments, as Google and apple encountered resistance in the European market.

Google had suffered allegations from the EU, which accused of up to Android, down to the advertising business, Google has abused its dominant position in the European market. While Google has now or will be scorched by the flames in European countries, face antitrust investigation more.

and at the same time, the EU has ordered that Ireland must recover the unpaid apple

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