Cross platform chat application WhatsApp monthly active users break 250 million

WhatsApp has landed iPhone, Android, blackberry and other major mobile platforms


technology – Beijing morning news on June 21st, the cross platform chat software developer WhatsApp announced more than 250 million monthly active users, this is the first time the company announced a rough data user.

for just a line for 4 years, and did not put any marketing budget applications, this figure is amazing. WhatsApp has become one of the largest information platform, and perhaps even more than Twitter, which announced in December last month, more than 200 million active users. Microsoft announced in October last year, the company’s video chat service Skype monthly active users reached 280 million.

WhatsApp’s rapid growth so that many companies are deeply worried, including the huge profits through SMS telecom operators, as well as information exchange between users rely on larger Facebook.

fact, Facebook also has a separate intelligent mobile phone chat software, the company did not disclose the total number of users of the application, but the Facebook Messenger Google and App Play application in Store two app store free application list in the United States, ranked sixth and forty-fourth respectively.

WhatsApp on Apple Corp’s iPhone charge $0.99 one-time fee, has now ranked first in the United States to pay iPhone App Store applications. In Android, WhatsApp can be downloaded free of charge, but the first year still have to charge $0.99 fee, currently ranked Google Play U.S. free application thirty-first.

is an important reason for the rise of such applications is that users do not need to pay the high cost of SMS, you can communicate with each other. Apple Corp iMessage also uses a similar model, but still can not be compatible with other platforms outside of iOS.

WhatsApp can be compatible with iPhone, Android, blackberry, Windows Phone and other platforms. Facebook is also compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platform, but also to achieve interoperability between desktop and mobile devices.

in April this year, WhatsApp CEO · Curme (Jan Koum) has hinted at the scale of WhatsApp users. He was at the All Things D mobile conference, said the size of WhatsApp has more than Twitter. (Si Yuan)

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