The bankruptcy of the media from the media the origin and Realization of Carnival

in the traditional media’s attention ceremony, the concept of "self media" finally fire to fire, there are people actually continue to contribute, chronology drew a new wave like: "micro-blog for 2011 years, WeChat for 2012 years, 2013 years from the media, it is intended to have. Micro-blog and WeChat as a social platform for several years at the top of the attachment breeds, producers finally ushered in the harvest season in the fruits fall off when ripe.

in fact, "new media" is not a thing, just like a product of shedding those occupation specialist, ten years as one day to participate in local TV talent show, don’t stop the replacement of individual packaging, finally place one day in the days when people gather and become the Reds. Put forward "two communication theory" of the American sociologist Paul Lazasfeld, early in the last century in 40s sponsored by the Rockefeller foundation through the mathematical model deduction and analysis of the political campaign, found that the mass media (television, radio, newspapers, etc.) there are some blind people and contacts between the blind a cowboy by some folk activists — such as a bar of love to redefine and talk with eloquence, transfer information, and influence his radiation within the scope of the public power. This kind of active molecules by Paul Lazasfeld called "Opinion Leader", the so-called "opinion leaders", and later with the prosperity of the involvement of business and marketing, "in front of the Opinion Leader" is thought to increase an attribute "Key" into "Key Opinion Leader", translated as Chinese called "key opinion leaders", the definition of strong trace height and vertical component.

early when I was hanging off and Tianya forum Sina’s IT page was also moderator, fun, no sense of responsibility, sense of the past is often not fresh after the line, occasionally found after login box is full, PR company sent the application for the establishment of cooperation between the message, delete the top 100 200, designated post Babaiyiqian the depth of cooperation, long-term telephone, etc.. In addition, many web site blog channel editor, but also the focus of public relations companies to capture the object.

no two, content of organizational efficiency remains far higher than the content of the production is not difficult to release a post / blog, but to let it get high exposure rate in a short period of time, still need media force. Of course, people have the doorways, once once powerful "Internet marketer" also has some rough type case, "ban Wang Laoji" at the end of the world community was 7X24 hours in Navy top posts in artificial top, finally made two and four overnight.

as for how the media from micro-blog and WeChat surfaced again, perhaps this is going back to the center of the bankruptcy of this proposition.

go to the center of Bankruptcy: the Internet is a hive

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