Through the Shentong blocked Taobao rumors analysis of e commerce logistics development direction

recently Shentong blocked Taobao rumors in the e-commerce industry caused a wide range of hot debate. Taobao sellers gathered in various forums, QQ group can see everyone in the hot debate. The general content is hot: the relevant personnel Shentong company revealed that Taobao demand is very severe, the recent snowstorms and transportation to cause great difficulties, coupled with the recent increase in the cost of fuel, sto company decided not to receive a seller for Taobao. That is, we see today Shen Tong "blocking" Taobao event. Other logistics companies with Taobao defection, have asked the price, improve the related expenses. The incident caused a lot of media attention, a large part of the report, the Shanghai to a public opinion in the teeth of the storm.

for the spread of the Internet through the ban Taobao remarks. Shentong company in November 23 sunrise face related remarks were clarified: STO does not have any so-called ban Taobao business argument, there is no so-called STO internal strike and other phenomena. Although the ban rumors despite the declaration of the end of the application, but the incident to our electricity supplier and e-commerce companies sounded the alarm, leaving us more thinking.

in fact, as the electricity supplier, the importance of logistics for the development of e-commerce industry, it is self-evident. The layout of the logistics distribution in the main city of the country from the famous Jingdong, mainly to the very OK city nationwide network of the rookie e-commerce company in the planning of customer service center floor layout. It is very clear to see the importance of electricity supplier logistics enterprises in this link.

logistics in the whole shopping areas, play an important role. It is also the last important part of the transaction. As buyers, we are concerned about the quality of goods, service, etc., we are also concerned about the purchase of goods in the logistics and distribution of security. Consumers from your platform above, the purchase of a commodity, and completed the order, payment and other pre trading procedures. Then at home waiting for logistics delivery, booking, delivery. Now whether you can complete the transaction, you have to look at the distribution of goods circulation. This is not only a test of the logistics company, which is also a test of the business. If there is a problem in a commodity circulation, as buyers of consumer, first thought is: "this is not the commodity itself to have a problem?" he will first think of this problem is due to appear in the circulation of the. Therefore, the platform of logistics, this link should be taken seriously.

with the rapid increase in the online shopping population and e-commerce platform doubled, the network express logistics operation level has gradually become the bottleneck of the development of e-commerce, so that many e-commerce companies become passive. In fact, many of them are already see this situation, are to find ways to turn passive to active, the e-commerce company in order to avoid the passive situation, mainly through cooperation with a number of logistics express company there is, some companies, such as Jingdong, OK network the ".

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