Let the exchange platform for cross border electricity olive with foreigners lineage fusion quickly

"There is a long, long time

." This sentence is used to describe the current situation of the electricity supplier, but also reasonable. Business oligarchs in the "cross-border" the meeting of wind and clouds, struck the years together has became the trend. Next, we’ll see, Huang Rong is how to look at the Qiao Mei honest Guo Jing.

Alibaba, Suning vs Tencent, Jingdong

Ma Yun said, still have a dream, if successful? He is successful as the founder of Alibaba. First, network marketing model has been questioned, Ma and his group of brothers, ten years of single life, upgrading from the grassroots second grow into today’s diamond bachelor. Not long ago, Ma announced cooperation with suning. 2014 China’s top 500 private release, Suning to $279 billion 813 million in operating income and comprehensive strength ranked first. The two are online and offline giant giant, two giant hand marriage, business is big, the industry will inevitably lead to the terrified opponent. From the two realize century marriage shows that the period of the Republic of China through a network of strong children in laws, in the era of electricity providers, a piece of paper and shares certification can achieve. Writers or in reflection: today, men and women’s love and friendship between men and men, in the face of family destiny is not a greater force.

mentioned in those years, the cat and dog dispute drama also quite intriguing. Although Tmall and Jingdong in those years is a vindictive little friends, but with the dramatic end of the movie: there, Ali with Suning deep friendship, here to marry technology heavyweights Tencent Jingdong. Tencent as a member of the BAT, Jingdong 15% stake. So, a group of strange drama emerged: Ali vs Tencent, Jingdong, Tencent, Jingdong love vs Ali, Ali love Suning, Suning that vs Tencent, Suning vs Jingdong. From this data, Suning to meet Miss Ali, the Jingdong and the Tencent, the two party balance the pros and cons, only Suning itself has deep experience. In order to expand the territory, it is bound to lose the opposition camp welfare.

where: Qidan people is my father

?The above

, do those years of friends, but also back to fight like a raging fire, the enemy was broad and profound skill. Although not all endings can coincide with drama, but following the jijieshishi became quarrelsome lovers. Where to go online as an online travel website, is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate travel information services for Chinese tourists. It is interesting that, with ALI, Jingdong, its website LOGO are used to convey the idea of animals. Where the network LOGO is a camel walking in the desert, Ctrip LOGO is a swim in the ocean of whale. Whale and the camels did not like cats and dogs so incompatible, despite repeated quitting, but finally into a "marriage". No wonder where the network staff heard the news, feeling is: "I feel as if the said:" I led the beggars against Liao for so many years, you told me today that the Khitan people is "

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