“We consider signing a nine”

first_imgI need time to conveniently value everyone who can join the subsidiary. I do not know them in depth. I have spoken with your technician and I want to provide all the possible information. I would have liked more time to make a place composition.How important is it to the Cup?I’ve always liked it, as a player and as a coach. We will try to win it as well as win the Champions League and LaLiga.How do you tell Messi he doesn’t play a game?No one escapes who Leo Messi is. I will always try to convince everyone that it is best for them from my perspective, we will discuss and in the end they pay attention to me.Will Neto or Ter Stegen play?I do not make these differences by competitions. The two have options in all competitions.Is it more important to rest or continue with the dynamics?We will see it. We would love to continue with the same dynamic on Sunday. Play who plays, what interests me is to continue with the same scheme, but we already know that it is not the same as Messi does than another.Do you favor signing in winter or waiting for the summer market?I still haven’t thought about it. I can not answer. We have not specified anything with sports management. It’s almost better that you don’t ask me about this, because I won’t say anything and so we don’t waste time.Can Emerson contribute to Barça?I know him well and see his progression and the boy is improving. When the time comes, it will be valued.How did you see Arturo Vidal?He is an extraordinary kid like most of the team. We were surprised how receptive these players are. Everything we talked about, they tried to do in the field. Arturo put the greatest will in doing thingsHow do you feel more comfortable, with closed equipment or with those who are going to look for you?We are prepared for everything. They wanted to press up, but our good ball out took them back. How do the conditions of the game affect your plan, especially artificial turf, storm, rival …?The circumstances are what they are and we will have to adapt, let’s see the weather conditions, rain, wind and artificial grass. There will be things we want to do that we cannot. And there is the rival, who will not make things easy for us. It will be hard and conditions will match many things.Do you have a clear idea about whether to sign a ‘9’?We are considering it, speaking on the subject, things have to mature. It is not a topic that worries me too much. I worry more about Ibiza and Valencia. We will talk to the sports management.Will Leo Messi rest?First you have to see the training, I have an idea, but you have to see the rest of the players. We will make a competitive and balanced eleven.Does it contain the exit of any player in this market?While they are all one hundred percent. All are worth me and I have not thought about that.Is the Cup faced differently with this competition system?There is no place for mistakes. They are complicated cheating matches and it would be better to two matches, but the situation is what it is. We must also think about the future and possibly some who have to play a lot can rest. You can change the drawing in each match.Will Dembélé be important?It already is because it is extraordinary. Of course it will be. It will help us a lot, although it has not had continuity.Can you be calm with what is in the subsidiary? Quique Setién appeared at a press conference, in the previous Cup match against Ibiza, to discuss the news of Barcelona.last_img

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