Sellers pick buyers old customers the most sought after


purchasing shop is not unusual, micro-blog also has a considerable size, now purchasing to WeChat on purchasing seller publish new information in their own circle of friends, friends have the intention to buy the active inquiry, after a transaction negotiation. Some people may say that this is just a platform for purchasing a little change, change soup. The reporter found Hangzhou several local purchasing sellers and buyers, the exchange after the discovery, now purchasing 2 times, the old passenger was popular.

choose sellers to see word of mouth

paragraph to delivery also rest assured

Chris recently wanted to buy a PRADA bag, she said: two weeks ago, I bought a seller on WeChat fancy there, but when I go to ask, no." But the seller is every two or three days alone micro letter to Chris, the content is all kinds of nice bags and prices. "I’m sure I’ll buy a bag from her." Not only is shengqingnanque, because a friend of Chris is the seller of the old passenger, "my friend when she bought two bags, said reasonable price, fast delivery, the boss is also very good, I want to find other sellers, rather than in her here to buy."

small Yu Gang on WeChat purchasing a necklace, about 2000 yuan, from payment to arrival, a total of two weeks. For the European purchasing, the speed is relatively fast." Yu Xuan, the seller is also a friend of the introduction, I was there before she bought a McQueen package, more than 8000 yuan."


purchasing sellers to do business only in micro-blog and WeChat, not by Alipay and three party trading platform, the buyer to transfer directly to the seller through bank. But also to the delivery of goods, that is, I put the money in the past, she received, and then take the money to help me buy." Xiao Yu said that this transaction is a lot of people think a little panic". It depends on how much you trust the seller." Xiao Yu said, the first time that 8000 yuan exchange in the past, a bit scared, "but the Hangzhou local purchasing circle is not a matter of fact, the good reputation of the seller is trustworthy." Of course, not all buyers like Xiao Yu so bold, many people said, or through the Alipay deal sellers, just in case.

seller carefully maintained

good goods to old customer

the day before yesterday, Hangzhou MM small K in the circle of friends in a new Hello Kitty pendant photos, with only one sentence: the speed of the results, to the second night, the seven or eight pendants are all sold out. "The photo has just been sent out and a friend asked. There are a number of direct and I agreed to which paragraph, second days to run over to buy the pendant." Little K said, basically, this kind of small things to my hands are not two days."

most of the time, good things I left to the old guests." Little K says

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