O2O mode appears liquor electricity supplier has become a traditional industry

silver wine in hand, a sudden clap of thunder

November 3rd, the Bank Group announced a high-profile strategic cooperation with the wine network. The Bank Group Executive Director CFO Wang Jindong and the wine network chairman Lai Jinyu jointly launched the wine network O2O project, which marks the silver base group will fully enter the liquor of Internet marketing. In the liquor business development in full swing, the Chinese wine network marketing has opened a new model. In wine is wine marketing platform in wine consumption group, heavily to build the first domestic application of liquor O2O mode, take the "chain store distribution center + mobile terminal + offline e-commerce +400 phone sales platform" one of the four comprehensive management model. The wine network membership in wine group, only the brand value evaluation of billions of dollars, the main high-end imported wine, Wine, domestic high-end liquor, Yellow Wine and health wine, is the beverage category. O2O as a new wine marketing model, or will open a new era of wine sales.

wine O2O in the end what is


wine O2O model is a simple summary of online orders, the next line of the nearest distribution". What is the difference with the liquor electricity supplier in the end, the difference lies in the nearest two words, but do not have a large area. Liquor electricity supplier to the online sales platform as a beverage, and in the O2O model, the online platform is actually played a role in image display. Speaking of the development of the electricity supplier, most people will feel the store slowly shrinking, and ultimately will be reduced to the image display function of the store experience. This trend may apply to the apparel industry, but for the beverage industry, the conclusion is probably the opposite. First, as a kind of consumer goods, wine has its particularity. Different from the traditional electricity supplier online sales, physical store line image display mode, wine as a spiritual experience greater than the physical experience of the goods, the effect of the line is limited. Because of product differentiation is not obvious, consumers are more concerned about the brand and price factors. Instead of online simple and quick information retrieval and screening to allow consumers to choose the right product in the shortest possible time. Secondly, the higher demand for food transportation logistics, traditional electricity providers to pay for the logistics costs are too large. The nearest distribution greatly reduces the cost of logistics. Finally, sales in the final analysis is a process of dealing with people. Wine electricity supplier is mainly for the consumer groups, if you want to further expand consumer groups, the need to use the influence of the store.

liquor business has developed rapidly in recent years, brewmaster network wine and have developed into the shape of the liquor vertical business platform. However, the short board of these wine business lies in the control of the line is weak, a single consumer groups, high logistics costs. On the other hand, some wine enterprises tried to "wine Takuhaibin" mode, such as Dongsi Matt International Business Consulting Co. Ltd. agent yellow tail Wine set "wine delivery vehicle, Henan city and Henan River Wine facilities opened hotline delivery door, but these wine enterprises and dealers only is to complete a" offline distribution "of the.

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