The courier arena changed gradually into the camp against Ali SF

there are places where there are rivers and lakes, there are courier, rivers and lakes can not be. The courier arena twenty years playing continuously, war also, just because of lack of big battle leader, is also the local war. And in the past two months, the situation has quietly changed.

May 28th, rookie network pull held the first session of Congress’s express arena, including one of four links, postal and other courier companies, more than 500 partners gathered in Hangzhou, was surprised to hear the rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong said that the rookie intends to reposition itself and various evaluation mechanism of layered service partner program.

in this program before the disclosure, Alibaba group funds just in tact courier, holding 20%, top rookie network an anonymous rookie admitted that plans to push enterprises to change the capital by courier, the courier industry leading change.

rookie network is intended to build a communication mechanism, but now the intention to change the rules makers increasingly strong." Many courier companies attended the reporter expressed concern to the Department of Ali was controlled. Then, Shen Tong, SF to pass the first rhyme defection, together with investment 500 million to set up "Feng Chao technology" to face the rookie competition.

"but this alliance is only temporary League, the purpose is the subtle move." A courier company executives participation Fengchao admitted to reporters, now the courier industry delicate situation between companies, the gezonglianheng have their own abacus, although now temporarily into two camps battle, but the situation is not a fixed number, changes may still exist.

The new leader


triggered all of this story surfaced, is the express courier arena.

May 28th, taking advantage of the two anniversary of the establishment of the joy, rookie network held in Hangzhou for the first time the general assembly, also known as express conference. Nearly 500 private courier, warehouse distribution service providers, landing distribution companies and other major providers of logistics services on the rookie platform to come to celebrate.

as a platform for the establishment of a social network of collaborative logistics, rookie in the past two years to seek a clear strategy. After two years of exploration, rookie network president Tong Wenhong clear for the first time in the rivers and lakes conference clear, rookie network is what, what to do and what can bring to the partners".

Two months before the

began to blow as rookie fried letter "and clear the platform more than 20 courier companies, Tong Wenhong revealed that this year will break the previous rookie platform fully inclusive and open attitude, began to make" rules ", and promote the products and services using hierarchical hierarchical evaluation system, promote the courier industry to enhance the quality of service.

it is understood that the current major courier companies have heavy market share and service homogenization, platform operation, weak resources with less investment, in order to achieve "combing platform rules, form a closed loop, partners stratified operation, strengthen the service oriented platform", food >

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