Who fly 618 Wuzhou international shopping center 13 passenger sales double outbreak

2016 "618" period, commercial union fifast business entities organized "hundred thousand shops crazy year celebration", 13 well-known business group Wuzhou international group Columbus Square, Wuzhou Wuzhou Guangyi District Columbus Square shopping center to participate, as to provide consumers with a new shopping experience. Activity three days, the flow of the 13 shopping centers to reach 635 thousand passengers, sales of up to about 15000000, passenger flow and sales were explosive growth. The Guangyi traffic Columbus Square compared to 2015 an increase of 67.14%, sales growth of 31.63%. Wuzhou district traffic Columbus Square in 2015 compared with an increase of 81.25%, sales growth of 56.92%.


behind the explosive growth of the data is fifast trigger and Wuzhou international to create "entity + Internet" model of "window effect", where consumers by flying a new relationship with the shopping center, not only can they be used to fly where the APP purchase discount, also can experience APP service more convenient wisdom.

during the event, Wuzhou international group’s shopping center with an exquisite department store, Romit, Vichy, Camon O Te, hi, Baoqing silver floor, old Beijing, DIO coffee, tokusho Hot pot, bridge noodle, Qing Lin Han products more than and 20 popular local brand, through a seal verification, who fly through random stand by, coupons, 1 yuan special offer and flash sales and other means to achieve the interaction with customers, with fifast APP online "Crazy", "crazy smoke" and "crazy shake", "crazy," enjoy "the mad rush" "crazy consumption five Quartet", in stimulating the shopping center sales at the same time, but also enhance the fifast in the consumer awareness, the popularity of the new way of shopping fifast +Mall ".

on the fly for 618 on the real meaning of the transition, Wuzhou International Group CEO Zhao Lidong believes that Wuzhou international joint fifast held 618 year celebration activities, the two sides in the early promotion activities, program integration, storage, official opening and closing and other aspects in a all-round way of cooperation, is a major marketing this year the two sides together to create the. This activity, not only attracted a large number of consumers to participate in, also strengthen the interaction between the square and the consumer, the shopping center bag rate and sales growth has played a significant role.

Wuzhou international group in October last year and fifast reached a strategic cooperation, its 16 shopping centers in fifast open platform, with the aid of fly where Internet thinking and Internet technology, and the strength of the platform, optimize the traditional entity operation structure, better develop the Internet transition path. In December of the same year, 7 Wuzhou international group Wuxi Guangyi Columbus Square, Wuzhou international plaza Wuzhou Wuzhou City District, the Milky Way Columbus Square shopping center jointly create brilliant fifast fifast linkage Wuzhou "large-scale promotional activities, the new combination of online and offline shopping to consumers in Wuxi, the three day, the total the passenger shopping center beyond the usual 10 times as much.

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