Jumei com and vip com pinch is to grab a woman

[Abstract] jumei.com accused vip.com suspected of selling fake and stolen authorization, said it had sent a lawyer’s letter, asked vip.com to publicly apologize.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on April 18th

in the 58 market enjoyable on the same day, the market value of more than $16 billion each and two $3 billion U.S. listed electricity supplier website is fighting.

Beijing time on the evening of April 17th, jumei.com senior vice president Liu Huipu micro-blog accused vip.com of theft, plagiarism, suspected of selling fake authorized copy, and said it had sent a lawyer’s letter, asked vip.com to immediately offline copy infringement, and public apology.

According to the micro-blog

long, vip.com alleged plagiarism Jumei overseas purchase page, including product introduction, copy details, model head, brand authorization documents etc.. As of this publication, vip.com has not responded to this.

vip.com in the famous sale started, and the main battlefield of jumei.com is the cosmetics, the two seem to have no relevance to the site has in recent years been regarded as the most direct competitor, the main reason for their clients is very similar: women.

after several acquisitions and transformation, the two sites seem to have been very similar: cosmetics, maternal and child, clothing…… In the future, the two sides will remain in the fields of close combat.

dogfight will continue

is said to have written in the Jewish business: the most profitable two goals, one is the mouth, the two is a woman. Coincidentally, Ma Yun (micro-blog) has publicly said: the electricity supplier of women who have the world.

in recent years, the electricity supplier quietly rising her economy: some economic experts believe that women’s economic independence and autonomy, strong consumer demand and spending power means that a new economic growth point is forming. According to the demand and consumer groups, the rapid development of women’s consumption demand has led to a series of new consumer trends, providing unlimited opportunities for businesses, but also raised a greater challenge.

and two domestic electricity supplier in this field the most successful jumei.com and non vip.com perfectly. According to a recent survey showed that women love to buy online clothing, cosmetics accounted for 89%, accounting for 83%, and the two category to their vip.com and jumei.com’s areas of expertise.

by virtue of the advantages in their respective fields, two electronic business platform began to expand in the world of women. Jumei.com opened a clothing category for a long time, recently launched maternal channels; vip.com in direct competition with the acquisition of jumei.com last year lefeng.com, and maternal and child category has been on the line.

the two companies have successfully listed in the United States to grow more and more like the inevitable.

at the beginning of "former jumei.com employees" to a number of media broke the news that the warehouse was closed, and a few days ago, the media reported that the only product of Le bee a number >

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