n how can women do one million months of social sharing

I dark horse: Recently, In this application and application of the picture, in the circle of friends to share more and more high. In is the brand shopping guide website love figure purchase recently launched a position in the share of women’s fashion community App, this brand preference for women with personal taste and dress style based on social APP is how to within 1 months to achieve one million





of course, if only from the description, you can simply put the In understanding is similar to a Instagram filter based on this social product. For In users, they can use In filters landscaping tools to share their experiences, dress style and the latest trend of fashion product revenue.

however, In is not Instagram.

is the most obvious difference in positioning: In target user is a brand preference for female users, while Instagram is more complex. This means that, compared to the latter, In did more vertically. So, in this APP, you may see more from a content sharing to wear fashion designers, network reds. These include the aforementioned mentioned big new products, avant-garde tide cards, as well as independent designers who created a single product.

of course, in addition to the designers and the Reds, ordinary users can also share at any time it take to wear their own style. In provides users with a complete set of social image sharing process: Photo – – add tags – sharing filters. They can be in self, using In filter and landscaping, upload pictures, and give yourself the brand, location, mood and other labels.

in the In "brand" entrance, the user can view the latest information from the brand, the more information is obtained through the street when shooting and brand fans line trendsetter. Because the clothing belongs to traditional industries, although the line has gathered a lot of brands, but for the more traditional brands, they did not get enough online exposure, while the brand new information also delayed. This information is often trendsetter and fans the most timely, through their share, users can easily view the brand new. Currently, there are more than 1 thousand brands settled in In.

at the same time, the user can also find the label with the same brand preferences of their own people, which is based on the social In. All social In is based on the image of the user to share the state, where users can focus on, view or comment on the status of other users. Based on the label, not only between traditional brands and users can produce accurate links, and users and users alike.

goal: strong brand preference, love to wear female users

in love figure purchase founder black view, Chinese female users have a strong demand for consumer brands: their price sensitivity is reduced, for clothing, jewelry and other types.

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