The spring of network marketing

      Web2.0, leading a new wave of global information technology, bringing the application model of network technology innovation and surprise, a new wave of challenges for marketers.

      P & G (Procter & Gamble) global marketing officer Stanger (Jim Stengel) said: "nowadays, consumers in response to media than in the past, they have decided how and when the receiving power marketing messages, if we over Yang Lai mainstream media, or to explore new technology and point of contact the brand will lose contact with consumers. "Because of changes in consumer behavior, marketing people seem to meet the bottleneck, however, this is the key to win the opportunist; because consumers like you and me, except to watch TV, surf the Internet, shopping, chat, shopping, this is in contact with the consumer interaction, the machine will, is also an important opportunity for successful network marketing.

      welcome Web2.0’s coming

      in the past, people develop marketing is nothing more than familiar with all kinds of advertising message: 80% of the budget is usually TV, 10% is the rest of the plane, and then distributed to other channels and media, finally, skilled in the operation of marketing 4P (Product, Price, Place, Production), and planning the implementation of the marketing strategy, can be accomplished. Today, thanks to Web2.0, the marketing people from the beginning of the past led the production of perfect marketing messages, and send messages through the pipeline into the role must bear the following tasks: we must distinguish the target customers, to create interactive communication with consumers platform, listening to customers, through participation and interactive effects of consumers, marketing strategy from 4P to 4C (Customer needs and wants, Customer cost, Convenience, Communication).

      in recent years, many international companies are making big changes, began a large number of expansion of interactive marketing department, interactive, integrated marketing has become the company’s main focus is the development and recognize the validity of the past mainstream media is not as good as before. Network technology to meet the consumer’s right to choose, can search information of interest, even to create the information content, due to age, people must know how to establish marketing more benign interaction and dialogue with customers, and make good use of analysis tools, on the one hand to meet different consumer choice, on the other hand can grasp the needs of consumers further, customized service.

      consumer is King (Consumer – EST)


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