Statistical application and market analysis

1, the current statistical market layout

can be viewed from two aspects:

< 1> gold family

: Google YAHOO Baidu
statistics statistics statistics

< 2>

1> well-known and mainstream webmaster statistics

: I want | station |51yes| martial arts list |itsun|tongji123

market share is relatively large. I want to | station and 51yes

2> non well-known and non mainstream webmaster statistics

representative: bubble webmaster statistics and so on too many

2, the statistical analysis of the application of

first said the golden family:


YAHOO |google | statistics system, the interface has changed, sometimes let the webmaster friends use not too easily, need to be familiar with and accept the application.

from the functional point of view, YAHOO and Baidu to do more detailed, the biggest feature is assimilated into the dynamic curve of detailed analysis, and dynamic analysis of this pie chart, let the webmaster friends can be more intuitive to understand site data.

but also add some new features, such as Baidu’s network service provider analysis can be seen, access to the client’s access providers, telecommunications, Netcom and the number of lines. This is not reflected in other statistics, the webmaster, this is a very useful function.

, Baidu and YAHOO, there is a function to do a very strong, that is, the source of the trend analysis and the trend analysis of the page. He can calculate a way road in history trend, the webmaster is very helpful to pay attention to this road. To do this, I think there is no good server and data processing capabilities, is not easy.

relative to all the advantages of the grassroots, the golden family of defects:

is the first use of grassroots statistics, has been accustomed to, suddenly use the new habit, the feeling is not too easy.

two is not the source of the gold group to do the analysis, which is not easy to see the specific source of the analysis of the data.

In addition to the above advantages of the

gold family, most of the rest is safe and stable. Don’t let the webmaster worry is the fear of being a search engine to monitor their own website, for your keywords to be blocked, surely this is the search engine to make statistics, they do it is to better for the search engine service, not to serve the webmaster friends.

say grassroots

webmaster friends are grassroots gens, so, prefer to use grassroots >

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